♪♪♪ The National Energy Board is
Canada’s energy regulator. We regulate pipelines, energy
development and trade from
coast to coast to coast. Our number one job is to
prevent harm, to people and to
the environment. One of our key systems is
called REGDOCS. It basically is our data
management system for
energy projects. REGDOCS is this amazing source
of information and data about our energy
systems, our environment and
our people in this country. But right now it’s actually
stuck under lock and key called
bad design. We can’t access it very well,
and neither can our
stakeholders. If you search the word studies
in REGDOCS right now, you get
about 20,000 hits. These are baseline studies
about our environment. They’re studies about
endangered species, about
our soil. Imagine if scientists had
better access to this
information? Of the 300,000 documents in
REGDOCS right now, about 30,000
are devoted to traditional knowledge, to
indigenous people, to their
land use. What if they had better access
to this? What value would this have for
their culture and their
community? As a Code for Canada fellow
at the National Energy Board, you’re going to be able to
participate in this amazing
project to ensure that Canadians have easy online
access to this energy
information and be able to fully
participate in our
energy dialogue. We’re super excited to work
with Code for Canada fellows to
give REGDOCS this facelift. We think this renewed approach
will help us liberate the data
so that landowners, Indigenous people, scientists
can take advantage of the data
that’s in there and put it to
good use.