♪♪♪ Public Services and Procurement Canada is
a very interesting organization. It’s the backbone of the government of
Canada. We wear a lot of different hats. From translation bureau services, to real
property, to the acquisition of goods and
services for the Government of Canada. And all of the services that we render
provide the ability for 300,000
and more public servants to do the job they need to do every day. Our goal is to better serve our employees
so they can better serve Canadians. As the Chief Information Officer for the
Digital Services Branch, one of my
mandates is to modernize government travel. Every day, more than 100 employees
of the Government of Canada travel
for their jobs. In 2017, employees of the Government of
Canada travelled more than 350,000 times. Approving, booking and expensing those
trips takes a lot of our employees’ time. Our challenge for the Code for Canada
fellows is to come in and help us reimagine the government travel
experience. If we can streamline the travel process
for government employees, even by just
20 minutes per trip, we can save hundreds of thousands of
hours where they can focus on helping
Canadians. As a Code for Canada fellow, you’ll be
working side by side with our employees
to better understand the traveller needs. And you’ll be prototyping solutions
to improve the travel experience. My staff is eager to meet the Code for
Canada fellows. By working together we can demonstrate
the possibilities when we implement
agile practices. Ultimately, we are guided by putting
users first, using modern tools and
enabling data for decisions for our digital future. We’re so looking
forward to working with you.