My favourite place would be probably The Baltic because I’m really into modern art and I really like the place because it’s by the Quayside so it’s got really good scenery. I really enjoy going there and looking at
the different exhibitions. There are different exhibitions every other season. Sometimes they are local artists, sometimes they are artists from outside the UK and it is really a variety. One of my favourite things about the
Baltic is the viewing box. There’s one outdoor viewing box
and an indoor viewing box and that’s probably my favourite spot. If you’re lucky enough you can see the
Millenium Bridge tilt sometimes. The Baltic is quite busy sometimes but not so busy that you feel overwhelmed by people. so you still have your own personal
space so you can look at the art, enjoy the ambience
or have a coffee. The Baltic is totally free which is amazing. I was happy to find something
like Baltic in Newcastle.