Best bit about studying at RMIT is all the
help they give you. They’re really-really in tune with that everyone’s different
and everyone needs different things. The best thing about studying at RMIT is the people, so I have made so many wonderful friends and met such kind strangers here. it’s really hands-on you’re not spending your time buried in books but you’re actually making things getting your hands dirty and it’s just a really practical way to learn . Best bit about studying at RMIT is definitely the teachers. The connection you have with the teachers and I guess their wealth of knowledge that they pass on to you. They’re quite passionate about their
topics and they really motivate you and interest you in their very specific niches. They’re incredible and they really want you to do well and you know they really want you to experiment and get everything out of it that you want
to get out of it. The best bit about studying at RMIT are the facilities. The facilities, like all the time it’s brand-new facilities both building 80 and the New Academic Street. Study spaces, student support, the academic support. There’s just so much support, like from your course coordinator to your subject coordinator. RMIT’s got a lot of stuff going on outside of the classes and I find that really helps balance out the study load. They’ve got lots of student activities here, I’m just like yeah I’m just gonna get involved in all of it. Probably the best thing for me is the opportunity to go overseas, the exchange program at RMIT is fantastic. I love the atmosphere of here because you know RMIT does a lot of international students like me and as well as the local students so everyone have different cultural background. One of my favourite reasons for being at RMIT is because of its City campus it’s in close proximity to all the things you need while you’re at uni. Definitely the location I love that I can go for shopping sprees between classes. I know where all the best coffee spots are I know where all the laneways are I know where the best spot to go and get lunch is. It’s in the heart of the city so it always feels like there’s something happening. Welcome to RMIT. Welcome to RMIT. Welcome to RMIT. Welcome to RMIT. Welcome to RMIT.