(gentle music)>>Hi. Good afternoon, my name is Ben Tsui. I’m the Director of the Division
of Medical Imaging Physics of the Department of Radiology. Our division is comprised
of physicists, engineer, and computer scientists
who work to enhance and expand biomedical imaging technology that revolutionized the
understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of disease
for improved patient care. So our research has been focusing on the understanding of
the underlying physics of the different imaging modality. And creating methods,
algorithms, and computer software to expand and enhance the applications. The imaging modalities include
x-ray, nuclear medicine, CT, SPECT, PET, and ultrasound. The focus provide us
with a prime opportunity to work with different commercial company that develop the devices
for the medical imaging. For example, a member of our division is working on quantitative
SPECT imaging technique to assessing response to cancer therapy. He’s also working on
reducing radiation dose to pediatric nuclear medicine. Another member is working with a major medical imaging company to develop new CT methods to differentiate between materials such as
normal and cancerous tissue that open up a new, whole
new capabilities of CT. Another member of our division is working on quantitative SPECT
to assess a brain SPECT images for Parkinson disease patients. Another member is working closely with different commercial companies to focus on the development
of image-guided intervention and advanced ultrasound imaging technique. All members of our division
is working closely with our clinician and other imaging scientists within the Department of Radiology and members of different departments within the school of medicine. Together, we strongly believe we will be able to achieve our goal to advance our medical imaging technique for improved patient care. (gentle music)