A real leader is somebody who can take initiative and build something from the ground up and that’s an entrepreneur. So the Entrepreneurial Fellowship really embodies this idea that we’re training leaders. This is a program that really empowers people. It helps them know they can make a difference, it gives them tools they can use that will help in their career no matter what they end up doing. This experience is tremendous. You are basically telling your employer you are a go-getter, you get things done and you have passion. I’ve gotten a lot done and if I had done this as a research project instead I’m sure to get a few papers out of it but I’m happy to have it as a business because now I can keep expanding on it, improving it and actually make something that’s useful and that I can see the results. The network that we all established is something that lasts forever and can be very impactful in terms of people’s careers. Having them there as a guide and as people to bounce ideas off of—it was comforting to know that the people who had given you money said to you, “take the money, do what you’ve gotta do, and if it doesn’t work, keep going.” It’s nice knowing someone’s got your back. There’s nothing to lose, there’s everything to gain and you know, just give it a shot.