This is an
AMI This Week Short Cut. WOMAN:
I’m Viviane Forest for
Accessible Media. Sometimes, you want to go
to a place where everybody knows
your name, and are happy to see you. That’s the Hub on Ross. Bev Randers, one of the two
employees at the Hub on Ross, explained the rules. BEV:
We have two rules here
at the Hub. Number one, everyone
must have fun, and everyone’s treated equally
with respect and dignity. And people just bring
their best selves forward, and we always have
a really good time. It’s sort of just like
the old community halls that every neighbourhood had,
even out in the country. A place where people could
gather, socialize, get together with friends
and neighbours, and help connect. VIVIANE:
So, what is one of the favourite
programs that you run? BEV:
Well, we started with drumming and I must say that we
still love music. (Group drumming) And we feel that everybody can
contribute through drumming. It’s a simple thing,
and yet everyone– it brings a lot of joy
to everyone’s lives to be able to be together
and make music. VIVIANE:
Tammy Payne is one of the
participants who love the Hub. I like doing arts and crafts. I like doing drawing. VIVIANE:
What do you think is important
about this place? Do you feel safe here? Yes. Very much? I feel really safe here. I meet everybody ’cause
they’re all my good friends, and I like being at the Hub. VIVIANE:
The Hub lives up to its name
by creating a community for many of the groups and
associations in the city. Norma Klassen is
the program coordinator of the Central Alberta Region
of the Epilepsy Association. We accommodate people with
epilepsy and those that have– support people with epilepsy, and a lot of times
it’s the parents of children with epilepsy. We actually do a lot of things
in conjunction with the Hub. I’ve come here to do
educational presentations. There’s been various things, and also for the fact that
my clients can come here and participate
in whatever events they have going on
at any time, and they’re always
incredibly accommodating. So, we’re really,
really grateful to have this facility here. BEV:
I think that art is an equal
playing field for everybody. Art is a very open form
of expression, and everybody has something
to contribute. It’s an opportunity for people
to connect through the arts, whether it’s visual
or performing, could be music, theatre, moviemaking,
literature, poetry. We’re open to every form
of art and people– it brings a lot of joy
to people’s lives. VIVIANE:
Participant Vanessa Chidley sums up the goal
and the spirit of the Hub. VANESSA:
There’s a lot of friends
that I’ve made. I recommend it
for other people too, ’cause it’s a fun place
to be, so. VIVIANE:
A fun place to be, where
everyone feels included. I think we could all use a
little Hub in our lives. For more information
visit… For Accessible Media,
I’m Viviane Forest.