Do you struggle with math or science? [music] Do you need help with time management or study skills? [music] Come visit the Learning Center located in Franco Building room one fifty nine. The Learning Center can help can help you reach your academic goals in your math and science courses. And our peer tutors bring knowledge in other areas such as business, accounting, physics and more. Generally peer tutors are available for appointments between the hours of 9 a m to 7:30 p m Mondays through Thursday and from 9 a m to 12:30 p m on Fridays. Faculty math tutors also assist students on a walk-in basis during designated hours that vary each semester. Walk in tutoring occurs in a group setting allowing students to ask a quick question or to work in small groups with classmates. If you are looking for more individualized attention, consider making an appointment with a peer. Students can make appointments by logging onto the website Berks dot my W C online dot com. The first time you use the system you will need to register using your P S U email address. Once you have completed the brief registration process, you can start scheduling appointments. The my w c online website is the appointment setting system for both the Learning Center and the Writing Center here at Penn State Berks. Select the Learning Center on the initial login page or if you are already logged in use the drop down bar at the top to move the writing center to the Learning Center. Along the far left side of the screen are listed the names of each tutor and the subjects they can assist with. First identify a tutor who is able is able to assist you with your subject, and then determine a common time you are both available. If you see a white space, that means an appointment is available. If you see a royal blue space, the appointment is already taken. Dark blue spaces are unavailable and yellow spaces indicate you already have an appointment at that time. If you cannot make a scheduled appointment, please make every effort you can to cancel. Since we are a peer led center, tutoring selections may vary from one semester to the next. For help in general education classes other than math or science, consider meeting with the Learning Center coordinator or for other study skills tutors. The Learning Center coordinator can also assist students with time management tips, study skill development and overall transition to college. In order to connect with the Learning Center staff or tutors, please stop by the Learning Center in Franco room one fifty nine. You can also reach us via email at L K Z 3 at P S U dot E D U or S C D fourteen at P S U dot E D U. Come early and come often to the Learning Center. This is a free resource to help ensure your personal academic success. We are looking forward to seeing you here at the Learning Center. [music] [music] [music]