Is advanced manufacturing happening in
Australia? Is manufacturing dead in Australia? MBA alumni are really
interested in a number of contemporary topics that were not actually on the
agenda when they were studying here at Monash. In the 2019 Thought Leadership
Series, we’ll be working with industry experts and industry partners on topics
like advanced manufacturing, life sciences and digital transformation. I’m
a strong believer if you want to be successful manufacturer in Australia and
export you’ve got to focus on what is the niche that you can be the best in
the world at. It’s about sensors, it’s about big data.
Advanced materials, virtual and augmented reality all coming together and really
how people are working in the future with assistive robotics. So that was kind
of the first opening moment for me when I realized that manufacturing in
Australia is very different to what I thought it was and I think many in our
cohort also had that experience. The thing I enjoy most about coming back and
interacting with the alumni is the events always have a focus that I’m not
working within so I find that a really great exercise to continue to learn I’m
a big advocate of continuous learning. You know it’s almost like we have a
responsibility to be better to do better and you know to progress as leaders.
Yeah, that’s why I stay connected