Uesugi-san. I got married! Gift money, please. Oh, right. Thank you. Yotsuba! That’s me! Thank you, Yotsuba-san. I love you. Hnnnngh You’re so cute, Raiha-chan! I want to make you my sister! Wait a second. If I married Uesugi-san,
we’d legally be sisters. S-Stop it! Yotsuba! Stop running away! Get lost! Don’t come near me! Oh, come on. Ta-da! The
answer is that my ribbon has
a different pattern than usual. I heard checks are in right now. Your answer sheets are full of checks, too. Congratulations. Yay! I’m leading the trend! Yotsuba… Come on… You’re such a terrible liar! Not to worry, Uesugi-san. I’m studying. Could you try furrowing your eyebrows? L-Like this? You really are quintuplets, huh? Knock it off already! Wow! Uesugi-san’s heart’s racing! Obviously, after all that running! Hold on, is she buying time
so she doesn’t have to study? If she is, she’s way more wicked than Nino. And why are you here? For your lessons, obviously. Yotsuba… Can I hug you? Okay, let’s go get the rest of them! Do you know why I’m on your side? Say what? Because you want better grades, right? No. Because I like you. You finally looked up.