My current position is the CEO for Telethon Speech and Hearing. We work with the team to try and create the best possible environment for families with children with either hearing loss or speech and language delays or disorders. I started studying commerce at Curtin. I did a Human Resource Management Industrial Relations double majored there. From there I became an HR practitioner through the Department of Health, different government agencies and then worked over at ECU for five years. I was very fortunate to get across a number of different initiatives and was able to get into more of a general management role. After that I stepped back into the HR IR stuff and then worked through a medical research organisation and indeed then aged care, so my industries have been very different and the background that you get through Curtin and other areas to be able to apply your craft in different contexts was really important. The skills that Curtin offer, I often reflect on this, that broad base that you start with and then your area of specialty and be able then to choose different things based on what you’re passionate about, that actually really helped. The other thing about Curtin that I found really valuable were the initiatives around building your skills as an individual and a human being and part of a community. So Curtin Volunteers!, those sorts of initiatives which gave you better citizenship. We do a lot of support for students who are doing their pracs. So whether it’s an occupational therapy student, or even speech. We work with Curtin in terms of some of our research that we do up north. Our links with Curtin are pretty good and in terms of people coming from Curtin and studying and then becoming professionals in their own right, we have quite a few people who come from Curtin and they’re always well-rounded individuals, which is really important for us. They always understand what we’re about and have those skills, not only in their discipline but also to be able to see how everything fits together. As a CEO of an organisation, you need to make sure that you have the same pride that the staff have in what they do and to be able to see that happening and see that team success and see everything that the families are getting from us fills you with amazing joy.