Friends and relatives, specially my grandmother asks me this -Did you dissect any dead body ? how did you do that ? weren’t you scared of it ? How do you guys learn suturing ? you guys learn that by practicing it on banana nah ? You Medicos can’t play sports , Go and study Friends – you have finished 2 years of MBBS only ? means 3 and half years are still left ?? what course is it ? will it end or not ? tell me side-effects of smoking dude…How much alcohol should I take , so I dont get any side-effects of it ? How much % did you get in your 12th std ? How many hours you used to study ? which coaching did you join ? Bro.. my mom’s shoulder is paining.. your Medical college have best doctors..Please get an appointment for my mom .. Dude .. tell me what the reason for my back pain? I think am having migraine….please check and confirm nah.. How you guys learn to give an injection ? You guys try on each others in hostel nah ? Aunty- son, In which branch of medicine are you specializing ? Me – aunty Ji , that would be decided after my PG entrance , right now I have to finish MBBS course . Aunty – You take gastro-enterology in PG . I have lots of problem in my stomach… Friend – There is a person near by my home, who gives medicine and it brings people’s eye power to normal (means no specs)..You must go to him.. Me- ..It may be something else or a hoax. friend – right now , you are just a kid doing MBBS . When you will do specialization later , then you will read about it. relatives to my servant , everyone just says this thing to me – you finish your MBBS fast.. then open a big hospital and then you will provide me free medical services nah ?? You must be counting each and every item for its calories & protein before you eat it.. nah ? son, I am having knee pain..give me some medicines when this MBBS course will end ? 6 years are too much..nah ? my friends says this – when I am reading,you are reading.. when my studies will end , but still you will be reading.. when I will get married and have babies..then also you will be reading..Bro what occupation have you selected.. ? look at this shampoo and tell me whether it is safe to use ? How much SPF shall I use for my sunscream ? what doctor you gonna be ? cardiologist ? neurologist? etc . and I keep on telling them that in MBBS we have to read all 19 subjects equally. You are having junk food and coke.. won’t it cause any harm to your body ? friends ask me this with a lot of curiosity – they teach you how to do an operation ???? go away…don’t show off your MBBS knowledge here.. you are in MBBS course and soon you will be a doctor , handling money in millions..huh ?? Whenever I meet my non-medico friends they ask me – How do you manage to study this much yaar ? People who don’t know my college’s name , they say – where is this college ? private college ? you got into it by donation ? Friends – bro , you gonna be a doctor. you will marry a doctor..and then all your life will be awesome – rich and relaxing .