Do I look too far, cause I just realised I have an Indiana jumper on, so is this, like, too intense? Like, international students! I go to Indiana! [Off screen] I love Indiana, I live for Indiana This is weird, this is like, let’s sit down and do a video Hi fans! Hi fans! Today, it’s not a vlog I, as a 21 year old, can drink on camera We’re doing tips for international students who are going to come and study in the US-slash-at Indiana because when I was going to study here I looked on YouTube and there was next to nothing So did I So now, in addition to the people searching for ‘study abroad vlog’ and they get assaulted with all my shit there’s now this, also So I am Libby, obviously, I am from England I’m Lani from Australia I hate myself I’m Erin and I’m from Scotland Ooh, Scotland! Expect that reaction from everyone So one of the things that I wrote down, that I wanted to talk about, was that everyone gets excited visibly excited when they realise that you’re not American But if you travel in a pack, the first one who speaks is the one whose nationality you will all be It doesn’t matter how many of us from England there are, because there are quite a few of us, if Lani speaks first we’re all Australian Also, everyone makes fun of my accent Everyone makes fun of mine as well She’s just mad because we make fun of her accent Yous make fun of my accent Yeah, cause it’s funny Shrek references! There’s been a murder! There’s been a murder What is that?! What are you doing in my swamp?! So, BISCUITS I wanted to go into an explanation of what a biscuit is, because- nah! No! B I S C U I T S If you look up biscuits, then it’ll look like a scone. But it’s not, it’s just a really dense bread, and it’s really salty, and it’s not very nice but it’s not a scone, I don’t think they do scones here Except for if you get a biscuit at Red Lobster I really like them Did you like them? Maybe it’s just me then I think it’s because I was expecting a scone Ohhhhh Our biscuits are their cookies Oh my God, don’t even start- people will start that argument with you and they know they’re wrong, you can tell that they know they’re wrong but they will never admit and they act like it’s so confusing, it’s not confusing! Anything with a chocolate chip is a cookie everything else is a biscuit! It’s easy! Immunisa- oh! Money. Everything is expensive. You’ll have to get immunisations – ridiculously expensive. Meggie had to get some and it’s like $900 If you’re staying the whole year you have to get immunisations, our insurance won’t cover it because it’s preventative That’s shit If you’re only here for one semester you don’t need to get them but me and Carla never knew that, so we got them and paid for them, came here and they were like “you don’t need them” Me too, I got almost all of them I got them in Scotland, though, so they weren’t as expensive But you had to pay? They’re not covered by the NHS. I know! So immunisations are expensive, phone contracts are expensive, I just refused to get one It’s like $50 a month innit? Mine’s like $30 a month Still, that’s ridiculous for a phone contract! It’s worth it, I’d say you need it I need it I’ve made it this far What do you do? I use wifi But what if you don’t have wifi? Then I don’t use the internet Phone contracts are expensive, underwear is expensive, clothes are expensive, stock up on your Primark jeans and leggings because it’s expensive and it’s ridiculous They tax everything but they don’t put it on the price on the label You have to wait til you get to the checkout And you think you know that before you come here, and you think you’re fine with it, no, it’ll hurt you every time It’s very cold And coins are confusing Lani’s just- “IT’S SO COLD.” It is, very cold Thank you for staying on topic But we’re talking about clothes! You need warm clothes, it’s very cold You need summer clothes and winter clothes You need every season You don’t know what to expect, you could wake up to it being so warm and the next day you wake up, there’s snow Check the forecast Thanks Mum Dressing up on nights out was another thing I wanted to talk about They don’t do it Yeah they don’t do it, they just don’t, like we look fine because we’re sat next to each other, but at an American party we look like crazy people because we’re the only ones with big eyeliner, makeup, lipstick, no one tries here and it’s disgusting [/sarcasm] They all look fine, though Oh yeah, everyone looks good! But they don’t look like they’re ready for the club, and that’s all I know how to do Also I put down ‘party school’ with about five question marks I heard that this was a party school. I have yet to see any partying I’ve been to a lot of house parties Yeah but it’s not like- there’s nothing happening in the week, at Kent there’s a club night every night You could go out because you’re 21 Yeah, don’t tell Americans your age because they’ll always text you to buy them alcohol At the start of the semester, Libby, you promised you would buy me and Carla so you can’t say nothing now Oh yeah I offered, to be fair Erin and Carla don’t ask me, I just show up She told me that she showed up at their house and napped on their couch for like two hours, then she LEFT If you come on exchange next semester to IU, if you meet Libby, she will take over your couch and sleep there all the time I’ve only done that to your couch and the boys’ couch and that’s it. That’s all my friends. We’ve eliminated Lani Everybody wears Indiana stuff The school spirit, everybody loves it, all the football games, basketball games, everything You go to class wearing this, so buy some Indiana apparel They actually have everything. Like, everything. I actually went a bit OTT Did you pay for that? I got one for free I have put ‘get a meal plan’ because it’s a confusing system, but it’s worth it You get 60% off everything you buy on campus (even if it’s not food), I literally buy whole meals and it’s only $3 We never got one because it’s so confusing we just patched it but also if you’re only here for a semester, I don’t mind not getting one because I cook but if you’re staying in the dorms or something and you don’t have a proper kitchen, I would say deffo get one Because there’s so many different food places on campus as well The pizza in the IMU is better than the pizza anywhere else on campus Have you tried Cedar? No? Chocolate Moose in the IMU is delicious I also put down ‘cops at house parties’ They’ll always get shut down I’ve not been to one when the cops have came in Really? [For me] that’s like, all of them You go to a lot of frat parties, though, don’t you? Tell the people what they’re like, because I haven’t been to one. I don’t know anyone who can get me in Frat parties are so weird, so you need to know a guy So sororities can’t have parties, they have them at the frat houses That’s weird You have to know someone in the house to get you on ‘the list’ to get into the parties Our roommate Brianna will get us on lists, but she can only get one or two people on It’s just because, if anything happens they know who’s at the party which is fair, it’s for safety Yeah, they’re really cool. It is like in the movies, if you watch any of the films that’s what it’s like Topic: befriending Americans Everyone on Youtube when I was doing my ‘research’ said that Americans will just make friends with you because of your accent I’m here to tell you, fans, it’s not that easy You’re a novelty and you’re entertaining, they don’t really want to be friends with you for that You have to be a person as well and actually have something to give to the friendship I feel like especially us British people, don’t like to go up to people and just be like “hi, do you wanna go out?” because we don’t want to annoy people But Americans don’t mind, they want to make friends with you, so they would want you to go up and be like “hey we should hang out” That’s how I made friends with the boys, I just went over and was like “come to my flat” That’s true! But a pro of American friends is that they’ll drive you around Interesting note: no one’s asked me about Harry Potter I walk around with a Ravenclaw jumper on because I enjoy being a massive stereotype and no one’s asked me about Harry Potter If you’re from Scotland and you’re coming here, no one will know what you’re saying and it’s not the accent, it’s the words we use What do you mean, Aaron? Oh yeah! Honestly, people just don’t know my name Example: we went out with my roommate Brianna and met one of her friends, and I was like “hi I’m Erin” he thought my name was Aiden for the rest of the day like, a boy’s name, Aiden. For the rest of the day! People just always understand you Either I get Brianna to introduce me, or Libby or I just have to say it in an American accent Fans, the camera’s moved again because my memory card was full Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon Americans use Snapchat. Pretty exclusively Snapchat It’s always like “hey, what’s your name, blah blah blah, oh do you have Snapchat?” And then they will Snapchat you The rest of the world has moved on, the rest of the world doesn’t use Snapchat, but America is obsessed You can make them use Messenger GroupMe? There’s an app called GroupMe that I’d never heard of If you’re doing group projects, everyone uses GroupMe, literally look how many chats I have for projects It’s not even that good an app, it’s basically WhatsApp, or Messenger, or any other messaging app The workload is a joke Huge! The workload is ridiculous Huuuge! I’m dying, I’ve literally been dying I do English literature, so I don’t even have to do that much I’m in the business school I’m in music, it’s crazy The work in Scotland is definitely harder The amount of work you put in is a lot more, but here there’s lots of, like not even pointless because they all matter, but small assignments instead of giving you one big one it’s ones that are maybe worth 2.5%, 5%, and there’s just so much There’s loads of work to do, you can’t get away with skipping classes because you’re foreign, and you’re the only foreign person in there, so they know when you’re gone It’s true! And they all take attendance Participation is so important I have this film class with Meggie, and sometimes I don’t go he doesn’t take attendance so I didn’t think it would matter, but me and Meggie are the only British people in there and every other class he’ll just have a random question about England, so he’ll turn to us, so I’m not surprised he notices when we’re gone now but honestly it’s too much, you can’t even have a day off In Kent the semesters are 10 weeks long. Here, it’s 16 weeks long In Kent I get reading week every time I have an essay, so That’s fucking bullshit 2 weeks during the semester in Kent I get off, so basically my semester is 8 weeks long Here it’s 16 weeks and our entire fall break was one day It’s true! In Australia we have a 12 week semester but we have 2 weeks in the middle as well If you’re in the business school, most classes don’t have Friday classes, so my timetable’s so fine But I have 8am classes here, which is so bad I have class til, like, 10pm some days Yours is like 9:30pm Oh, yeah That’s so bad So English literature isn’t big here. Music and business are both pretty big English is really not I think the business school, if you come and do business, it’s so good So the last thing that I wrote in here is that people will ask you to explain Brexit, but they don’t know anything about Brexit, they won’t understand a word you’re saying they just want you to know that they know of Brexit I don’t know of Brexit I don’t even know what Brexit is, so Don’t fall into the trap, you’ll start trying to explain it and it won’t matter Can you please tell us what Brexit is? NO And they love to bring up the whole Scottish referendum Oh my God, they keep bringing up Brexit as if that’s equal to Donald Trump and the republicans, like come on mate “British exit from the European Union” But yeah. Another point: chocolate here? Trash. It’s so bad Okay, all the food sucks here Yeah Disagree, the food’s class, except chocolate So, all of the sweets are bad Just all of them Sour patch kids? I don’t like ’em enough Even my sister just sent me a whole box of English chocolate and sweets, and I’ve just lost the urge to eat sweet things because it’s always so disappointing They have Cadbury’s here but it’s not the same. I don’t know what it is but it’s not Cadbury’s Jimmy John’s, if you live in Bloomington especially Yes yes yes yes yes, big sandwiches, you can get a 16 inch Okay fans, we’ve lost control of the discu- [burp] ooh! We’ve lost control of the discussion and we have no more points Well we might, but we’ll do a part 2 Ooh, exciting She has a channel as well I do too! I have a channel, I have my music channel Yeah, we’re all famous! Subscribe to us all! But yes, thank you, bye!