Hey everyone, today we will be looking at the top 5 reasons for studying abroad. So now, let’s get started! So, our first reason is going to be about the making new friends from all around the world. What I mean by this, the university which you are going to choose for studying most probably going to have a huge community, both from the local are or from different parts of the world. So, while you are studying you will find new friends from different backgrounds and cultures. When you visit this country, they could be the ones, who could help you out there. It could be also helpful for your future professional career. When it comes to the second reason, it is going to be about, developing the language skills. To make it clear, I’d say that while you are studying abroad you have an opportunity to improve your language skills. for ex: you can improve your English while studying abroad if it your main language of study. or you can also learn the local language where you are going to stay. There is also opportunity to take an extra language course from the university which will be also helpful. Third reason is related to the traveling. As you know traveling abroad doesn’t only mean to stick to the city or university where you are based in. You will also definitely have a free time. You have to use it efficiently. From my perspective, traveling is one of the best memories during your study period in a foreign country, For instance, as I’m studying in Estonia. I am trying to travel to the neighborhood countries such as Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. Because I think it is a really nice chance and you have to use it. When it comes to fourth reason, it is about finding new interests. What I mean by that, if you are a person who has never tried hiking, football, table tennis, winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, it is a great chance for you to do it and learn a new skill.