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Troy Starz, Troy Starz. Trucking, one more new video. I just wanna say good
morning and good afternoon, good day, good night, you
know what I mean ’cause all followers and fans all over the world, you know what I mean. I just wanna say a big shoutout, all my 3,000+ subscribers,
now, 3,000 and +. It’s a big number. I just wanna say thank
you, thank you, thank you. Now, in this video is
to cover to some tips and tricks if you may say or advice, which I would rather call
it to my fellow workers ’cause you can be from Jamaica, you can be from, I mean
um, Grenada, any island, you can be from England, Russia. Once you can understand what I’m saying, and you’re coming here to do trucking or other than trucking,
it can be anything else, but this is the trucking channel. So I’m just gonna go
ahead and say, trucking. It can be anything else,
but these I put together, some tricks, some tips, and also some good in-need information that you guys may need to proceed. Okay, I got like five subscribers that is on their way coming to Canada
on the Truck Program, and one of the five subscribers emailed me and asked me “Troy Starz,
I’m coming up next week, “do you have any advice for me, “do you have any information
you can give to me “which I could follow and work from?” Now I read the email and I said to myself, you know,
that’s a very good question, but I did put a video out when I first started this channel to cover some stuff that you may look into
before you get here, but it didn’t cover a lot
because I know a lot now and when I did that, I
was still in the process, I was still in the makings. I was still knowing. So I did that video early. So enough been said,
after we come back after these message, my intro,
after we come back, I have it write down, I
actually write it down this time so that I don’t forget. I have 10 tips, or 10 advice or 10 anything you want to call it, I have 10 of them listed
right here to let you guys have some things to work from. Now, are these proof guaranteed to work? For me, yes, for most
people that I know, yes. If you wish not to follow, that’s fine, but one thing for sure,
information especially when you’re coming to a new country anything, anything you’re going into, once again, get some research, once again, get some
insight, some understanding about how to well prepare yourself and how to get through everything. Now in this video, I’m
gonna cover all that. I’m gonna make you so hyperactive and prepared for this journey. Enough been said, after these messages, Troy Starz is gonna come back
with a bunch of information. So please stay tuned, peace out. (truck starting up and horn blowing) – [Narrator] For more videos
like this, please subscribe. – Alright, alright,
alright, alright, alright, me don’t even know why me do that. I don’t know why I did
that but this is it, Troy Starz back at it again. I just wanna say thanks
for still being here. That mean you wanna know
some of the procedures and some of the steps to take. Now, before I continue with this, if anyone that is watching
that is already here and I miss something from my listing, please leave it in the description so that my fellow friends and my
followers and my people that wanted to know what to do next would look at it and understand your views. So please, feel free, Troy Starz. (laughs) It does feel nice, that does feel nice. Now this is it, all the
other videos that I did, I never write down anything. I just do it straight from my mind because it’s all packed in the head, but this time I want to
ensure that I got it right. Now, let’s go. Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, this is it. Now we’re gonna start from Jamaica. Like I said before, it
don’t have to be Jamaica because it can be anywhere
you guys are coming from, but for me, I’m speaking
out for the Jamaicans and I’m also speaking
out for who else may be interested into know what’s going on. It’s really to you too. Now, the first advice
I want to give to you is this, first advice
I want to give to you is this, if you have a girlfriend, wife, or if it’s a female and you have a husband or a boyfriend, call them closer to watch this video. I’m gonna cover that part first. So that they may can go back
and do what they were doing when you called them at that time, at that specific time. So you need to call them right now, say come, come, Troy Starz
have something to tell you. So you need to tell she
or him to watch this or if he’s not available
or she’s not around, send this video to your person, send this video to that person. Okay, this is it, if I’m
talking to that person that I asked to speak to
now, if you are that person, I want you to listen to this part. Now this is it, this journey that your husband or your boyfriend or your
wife or your girlfriend is taking is not a journey to be afraid of. It’s not something to be worried about. It’s not something that you is gonna judge him from maybe the lifestyle
that they have in Jamaica gonna judge where he’s gonna go with it. What I’m getting to is trust, and when I say trust, I
know it’s a lot of things may going through your head, may flowing through your mind when he tell you that I’m going away in a program. I’m gonna go away for one
year, but that one year I’m gonna work on stuff
and I’m gonna ensure that my paperwork is all put together and you and the kids
or whatever can come up because this is how the program is set. Now if he go out and tell you that, I don’t want you go
ahead and thinking like, you know what, him going
away and she going away and I wonder if or maybe
something is gonna change. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Let me clear this up now. I’m talking from experience, and even though I say I’m
talking from experience, I know you may say, what experience? You never tell we nothing about your relationship experience, Troy Starz. I’m gonna give you just a little piece. When I leave Jamaica and I came here, I was in a relationship,
eight-year relationship, good nice relationship. I tell myself it was a nice relationship, and you guys know the struggle, you guys know what I’ve been through. One year, after I tried
to get stuff together ’cause I have bills to
pay and I will get to that right in this thing, I have
bills to pay back at Jamaica, I have bills to pay here,
I have things to do. I can’t just go on a plane
and go back to Jamaica to go visit, I only can send credit and I can talk by phone,
and I have to do this to cover (mumbles) too, can
talk by phone to my fellow loved ones or my family, and
I tell them what’s going on and you should believe, because trust me, it’s no time to idle. When it’s on here, it’s on. So, that being said, what
I’m really trying to say is my relationship, I went down and got surprised ’cause she moved on, and
she have some reasons to say why she moved on. When she called, she not getting through, my time and her time not working out. There’s a whole bunch of complaints, and even though I tried to explain myself, those complaints were stick because they’re not
knowing what’s going on on this side. They know we’re driving truck, but they don’t what it’s like. So they gonna go ahead
and think about whatever they’re thinking about and
move on with their life ’cause a lot of stuff. I know people that went
down and their girlfriend got pregnant, went down
and see their girlfriend had big belly. I know people that went down, you know what, I’m just
gonna let you know, you that is watching right now, I just letting you know, this journey that your next is taking is not a journey to you to be worried about or you to have any of those thoughts. Okay, enough been said of that part. I just wanna cover part with you. So just to let you know that this journey is a journey that is not
one of those journeys that you’re gonna be left
out of, no not really. It may seem like it, but it’s because of all those things I’m gonna list down in this list right now ’cause him or her to you may feel like you’re not getting that attention that you should get because it’s on. Here, it’s a lot of work,
trust me, it’s a lot of work. There’s no time to idle. The phone is not an
option because one stop by a police with that
phone and the job is done, it’s over. So you have to be very careful. When I get time to stop and
sleep, you have to sleep. Sometimes the timing is very critical. We have to make sure
we use that time wisely to get to talk to you and
to get make things happen. That being said, just
want to let you know, the journey is real. Anyway, that covered,
hopefully you understand what I was trying to say, and this is what I’m getting through, tune in if you wish. Now, the first one I wanna
cover which that was it, your woman or your husband,
I wanted them to know what the journey is like. These are stuff that you’re gonna expect. So not to try to stress out the man or in their ear for an hour, basically. Back to the traveler, back to the person that is coming to drive this truck or back to the person that’s
coming in the program, whatever or that gonna be trucking. Bills, you see the change
of face, you see the change? Bills, ensure that any bill
or bills you have in Jamaica or you leave back in
Jamaica get it dealt with. Deal with it. That should be one of your first things, your family and those bills. Live on your means and
needs when you’re here and cover those things. Don’t left your family in danger, don’t left them type
of things on your name because you don’t know
if you have to go back go open a business, you don’t know what can happen for you here. You don’t know if you come here and fail, if you have to go back down. So try to get them things out of the way. So you see the bills
part is very important. In bills, you mean, people
if you may borrow money from somebody if you
come here, pay them back. Bills, if you know you left your wife or kids there, whatever with some money
that (mumbles) take from them just to make the
program work the right, pay them. Work out the plan, make
it work, make it happen, make your life run smooth, and that’s it. So the bills of Jamaica,
when you come here, make sure you think, make
sure you have it in mind, make sure it’s there. These things may not list right in order but put it in your own perspective, put it in your own thoughts
and use some of these to grow yourself. That’s typical information. You may know them already
but how to put them in is what I’m saying right now. The first thing, which I
know you guys already have before you came here is the goals, and the (mumbles) that
you’re coming here for, the meaning of you leaving
loved ones and family behind, the interest you had before
you came, don’t forget. It’s easy, it’s so easy to forget. It’s so easy to think about
other stuff when you get here. When you get here, it’s like you’re just, your focused, you be like, yes, yes, yes, I’m gonna work, I’m gonna do, and as soon as your job
end, everything change. You’re like, oh Jesus. All of a sudden, you drive big van, you forgot you have a wife, you forgot you have bills to pay, you forgot about everybody
else and live your life. You just change. Your mind just, you get too much at once and oh man, you lose it. Moral of the story, don’t lose it. Stay focused, it’s easy
to get carried away and trust me, like I said, it’s easy. I’ve seen it, easy to get carried away. Just be focused, and that’s number two. No, number three, that would be. Now, number four, number
four is very critical. Number four is very meaningful, number four is very serious. Now through out all those bills paying, through out all your living, through out all your expense,
this is what is critical. You need to save. Can’t stress on this
anymore, you need to save. Saving is very important. Saving is very hard too, trust me, when you have so much things to do. Saving is very hard. Same money like you have in your country, like Jamaica, the same $100 in Jamaica is the same $100 in a day in Canada. (mumbles) Canada same
Canadian $100 is the same or same way it work out. So $100 is $100. Your phone bill $100,
it’s not Jamaican $100, it’s Canadian $100, pay that phone bill, which is $100, $100 gone out of the money. Go back and look how much money you get as a company driver. It may raise it a little
bit now, but keep that same figure in mind and
work from it, bingo. Now, savings, we still
not come off that yet. Savings, there’s a lot of way to save, and one of the easiest ways I came up on because trust me, when you’re in far, there’s a lot of stuff,
there’s a lot of phone calls you’re gonna start get. There’s a lot of people you’re gonna see. You know what I mean. There’s a lot of information
coming back to you, which if you’re a person like me and you really like for help people, you will know it’s not easy to save and be that type of person. So hear how I save. I save with the company, yes I save with the company. I go into Accounting. Most companies do this, matter of fact, I think every company do it. You can tell them to
do a holdback for you. So you can go in, you
can match out the thing, you can see how much you work, you can see what it’s like
after the first two pay. Then you go in and you
tell the accountant like, listen, can you hold
back $250 for me per week please or $150 and this money is something that you’re not, and I
repeat, this is something that you’re not going back for. This is Jamaican talk here, hold it out through thick and thin, you hold it, you’re holding it, you’re
leaving it, don’t touch it. If you can’t get something done, you have no money to yourself. Leave that money alone. (mumbles) $200 per week, and you do your full two years. You know how much money that you have when the two years
finish and that money was just put aside and maybe
if you’re saving otherwise than that and (mumbles)
(claps) you’re on track. So be on track is for saving. I don’t say you can’t save on your own. If you are a good saver, by all means, that’s the way to go. Now, the next one is bills in Canada. This is not Jamaica bills
now, this is Canadian bills, this is a different bill
we gonna talk about now. The bills that I’m gonna
talk about now in Canada, we are talking about rent, we are talking about phone bill, food, well, yeah, you
have to eat, so food, clothing, ’cause you know
you have to buy for winter, you buy for summer, and I don’t really know the other bill, but there is more. This is the advice towards those bills. Look into it this way, if you come alone, I understand, but if
you guys come in group, if you guys come in
group, and you guys going to the same company, that’s a plus. If you come in group and
you’re going to the same company, that’s a plus. If you come by yourself, and
you’re going to a company, you’re gonna do everything on your own, you may not get the chance to save more, but you still can save. So this is it, now if you
come here with friends or come here with other workers, ’cause eventually, it’s
gonna be like friends, you guys can go ahead
and rent an apartment, a two-bedroom apartment,
(mumbles) or three, one sleep in the hall, the
other two can take the rooms, one in the hall maybe pay less, the other two in the room, whatever. You may look at it and
be like, no, no, no, I don’t want to go jack up on anyone. I want a room for myself, a want a house, I like staying by myself. Fine, fine, but here are the
breakdowns staying by yourself. Staying by yourself,
the rent is not cheap, all depends where you’re going to live, the rent is not cheap. Now for one month’s rent,
you can look at the lowest I’m gonna give you right
now is $800 Canadian, $800, maybe under a basement or something. So you may wanna live by yourself, but someone live above
you, who you don’t know. You stay under a basement by yourself. Know why I tell you guys to work together is when you’re in that
basement paying that $800, whatever company that
you’re coming to work on, you’re coming to work under contract and you’re gonna do over the road. Obviously that means
you’re going to the states. Now when you leave out,
it’s like two, three weeks on the road. There is no one day and
back, two day and back. No, there don’t work here. Two day don’t even start the journey. Three day, you almost the
middle or halfway the journey. Even when you’re heading back
home, you’re not going home. You’re heading home to pick
up a trailer and go again ’cause that’s how it works. If you have that $800 rent paying and you’re not there, maybe
come in every weekend, maybe every weekend or maybe
every other week you’re coming. So you only come in for
two days or four days out of the month, so you’re
paying $800 for four days. Oh man, you look into
it, $800 for four days. Still want to be by yourself? Okay, this is it now, if you, if three of you guys rent
that house for the $800, how much you would be paying? Do the math, $350 or $325? I don’t know, something, do the math. You’ll be paying a lot less. What it is, $335, I don’t know. Somebody will pay more. The one in the hall is gonna pay less than the other two in the room
and that thing can work out. So $300 different from $800. You actually can save $500 from that. The reason why I said come
back and take under your thing is because you’re not gonna be home. When him coming, it’s not
like it’s every weekend. Sometimes, it may start in
the middle of the month, the middle of the week. So you find out they’re
working on the weekend and you come back home every
Wednesday or every Tuesday. It repeats like that,
so you won’t even see your roommate because he
coming on the weekend, and you won’t even see
the other one that is in the hall. (mumbles) when you guys meet up at house. If you even meetup, someone leaving out in the next five minutes. That’s how it works. So what I’m trying to
say is, you’re always gonna be home by yourself anyway. What privacy you want, I don’t know. So you may say to yourself,
no me have me things and them go thief it out and them go this and them go that. Really, three person live in that house and you worried about that? You have bank, you know
how to do your thing, buy your food that you will need, do what you need for do, but work this thing so
that you can make it out of the thing. If you’re by yourself, I
know you come by yourself, just try to get the
cheapest place you can get and try for build off of
that and grow yourself. So, that being covered, and that was the bills part. Okay, the next one now is credit. Credit, credit, in
Jamaica, it’s not credit. In Jamaica, it’s deposits. Let me put it like that,
in Jamaica, it’s deposit. I mean, you have to have the cash. Here, you don’t need the
cash, you need the credit. The credit is powerful than
the cash, and what is credit? Basic words, credit is
when you have good standard with the banks, good standard
with the phone companies, good standard with paying your rent, good standard with anything that you have that you use the money from
it, but it’s not really yours and you pay it back on
time, good standard, and that is credit,
that build your credit. Now coming here, you starting from zero, zero credit, you have
no credit coming here. So you have to build your credit. Now the question is how
to build your credit. Now, I am giving you all this information, we didn’t even know this, we learned this. So I’m giving it to you. You’re coming here
packed with information. No one can stop you, no one can stop you. ♪ No one can stop you ♪ When you come here, no
one, it’s like you have it, you have it already, you’re
ready, you’re fit. (grunts) So credit, back to the conversation, credit is basically
something that can build you and what is credit and how
can you build your credit? What I did and what most of my friends did or what most people that
I know did, I learned. This is what we learned, so we do it. Cash spending, no, no. Use your debit card for
cash spending, no, no. People will tell you
otherwise, but we are teaching each other right here. Anyone know otherwise can
put it in the description. Use your credit card to pay all bills. Use your credit card to buy
everything that you need, pay for your coffee, your groceries. Use your credit card to
do everything, your bills. You may can’t pay the rent
with your credit card, but the rent person may go in your account for that money. Now if they drawing the
money from your account, it’s another way, it’s a form of credit and why I say a form of credit is because it’s gonna be constantly. So whoever ask for your bank statement will see that $800 or $300 is coming out of your account every month. So they realize that maybe
this is some payments that he’s doing and they’ll
look and look and look to see if you meet all those
payments for each month and that’s it. That’s a form of billing. Now the next one is car, car. Should you buy a car? Yeah, the question,
should I buy a car, Troy? Should you buy a car? Listen, buying a car is only occasional. Buying a car is if you need a car, if you need a car. If you already live near the company, maybe walking distance
or some companies you can take the truck home, some companies, you can after you drop the trailer off, you can bobtail to your house, and some companies you
have to park the truck and everything. So it all depends on where you live if you really do need a car. Some people, they can
take bus, if you want if the bus is just a one
shot, like take the bus and go, not take one, two,
three, four, five bus. You got very cheap cars. You got some cheap cars, trust me. You don’t need for get going and take out this big Ford truck, you don’t need to go in and take out this big BMW,
you don’t need to go in and take out this big
Jeep, this brand new car. There’s no need, no need. Once you come off the lot,
you got this car to pay for, you got bills, new car paying for and
you’re not driving it. Think, think, think people, think! Now if you get a car, my first car that I called Whoopsie, that first car, I paid $800 for that car, $800, yeah. $800 I paid for that
car and my insurance was $56 a month. So that’s $800 for the car, $56 a month. So if the car is more
expensive, the insurance is gonna be more. So you have to be careful
of how you do that part. Be careful, ’cause it
won’t make any sense. You can’t get home to drive that car. You have work to do. You come in over four days
and when you do come in for the four days, you’re so tired. Oh man, you’re so tired,
you have to go wash. By the time you cook and lie down, by the time you wait,
dispatch is telling you where your next load is and the
car is outside sitting down. Maybe you just drive it, go work, park it again and gone. Make no sense, save your money, okay, but if you go ahead and buy the used car, if you go ahead and buy the used car, you can go ahead and
buy that car for cash. If you want, you can buy that car cash, but like I said before, it takes any means to build your credit. So if it’s even $800 for
the car and you wanna go to your bank for a car
loan, I don’t know if, I don’t quite remember. No, yeah, I think so
because if you already have the $800 in your account,
they will go ahead and give you a loan. They can give you maybe a
personal loan or something because you have that money
already in your account. Now you don’t have to do
this, but you want to build your credit, right? So if you take that loan,
that $800 to buy the car you may pay back a little interest on it, people may say why you buy
a car and pay back interest when you can just buy
it for $800 (mumbles)? You’re building your credit. Anyone saying that to
you already have credit, born here with credit,
accumulate their credit already. So they can’t say anything. You need to build yours so
you do whatever to build it because you’re going to need it. You going to need that credit, believe me. Troy Starz is talking to
you, me experience it. Alright, continue. This video may be a bit long but it works. Sitting down and listen,
watch to the end ’cause end the end is where it get interesting. The next one, we talked about
bills in Canada already, but this one is paying your bills on time. Paying your bills on time, your credit card bills, on time, make it be automatically
because if you already have the cash already in your
account like you was going to use but you use a credit card instead, ensure to use that cash
’cause you have an app now on your phone that you
can just pay right away. After you walk out of the supermarket, you can pay your bill right
away back on your credit card. You’re building your credit. Smart way to do it, just work with it, building your credit. You’re using money from what you borrow and you’re paying the same time. You won’t even pay any interest, trust me. Be smart, smart, okay, alright. We covered the rent already. Now we’re gonna talk about
phone bill and phone. I’m just gonna throw
this in because we didn’t know this coming here
but right now, right now, my friend coming here
next week, right now, the phone company that I
would recommend you to, which I’m not getting
any sponsor for this, but I’m just telling
you that phone company right now is Telus. You have Rogers, you have Bell, you have Telus, you have
Koodo, Koodo, Koodo, yeah and you have some
other companies in Ontario but some of the companies in Ontario the service, the cheaper phone companies, I should say, the service
is not island-wide. So you find that some areas that you go, you can’t get any service. For a trucker, especially a new trucker, you don’t need a phone that
you don’t have any service when you go at certain places because, trust me, you don’t need them. Me don’t even need to explain. 30,000, 40,000 miles
you gone from your house and you tell me, say, you
don’t really need a phone that can’t pick up, so
no one can’t find you? Think, think, be smart. Anyway, Telus, and the
reason why I said Telus, right now, they’re the only
company that I know of. Anyone have any other
information can tell me down in the description,
and I’m not talking about the cheaper phone that
can’t pickup anywhere or you can’t use anywhere. Now Telus is the company
that give you unlimited calling back from the states to Canada and unlimited calling to the states. The other companies, you
gotta pay extra for that, and when you go inside
the country, like the US, they charge you $7.00
per day and trust me, it add up, it add up, I can tell you. I used to pay some
$300-phone bill, $400-phone. I can tell you. Now, I’m just paying
$110 for my phone bill per month now because I can go
in the states and come back, I’m not getting the roaming fees. That’s one steady money
and that’s excellent. So you guys can think about it. Make sure because most of these
companies go over the road. You don’t want to go in the
US and don’t have any phone and if you turn on your
phone that you have already one time in the states, your phone bill more than double. (mumbles) experience it here. One of my biggest phone
bills was $1,700 no lie, (mumbles) here. (mumbles) other people beat me still. I think I turned off
my phone but it was on for the three days was in the states and my phone bill come to $1,700. If I can find that
receipt, I’m gonna put it on the screen so that you guys can see it. That’s no joke, and I have to pay it, even though I called and I explained, I tried, I plead a case. I don’t remember how much they take off, but they take off something
but I still had to pay like a thousand-something dollars, little by little, they take it monthly, but anyway, that was my journey. The next thing, and this is
one is what everybody know, but I’m still gonna put it in. It’s not everyone is your friend, and I’m not talking about Jamaicans that you come here with, your workplace, your workplace that you
come up here to work, your worker, your just like
another typical worker. Not everybody is your friend. So you don’t need to try
to get to know that person or get to know that man, take that man and call that man. You don’t need that, that is no, trust me, trust me. Bill, keep it low, it’s not a modest thing because you know Jamaicans are not racist, no we are not, but me try to tell you, it’s not everybody is with us, it’s not everybody is with us, not just Jamaican, the color, the color. It’s not everybody with us,
but they will smile and wave. So you do the same, smile and wave and go do your work. Everybody’s not your friend. Make sure you take that
one lesson if you don’t take any other. Enough being said of that
part, let’s continue. This one is the one
that I’m interested in, and what I’m interested
in telling you this, please don’t make the
same mistake that I did. What are my mistakes? I’m gonna leave a link
up, maybe it come across the screen now, you can press it, if it stay down at the
bottom until you need it, but at the ending of
this video, you’re gonna see some video, maybe three videos. One of them is storytime
of me getting fired, and in that video, I’m
gonna list a lot of mistakes or a lot of things that
I did that I was on a learning curve with. So if you guys going to watch that video, please, don’t make those mistakes. Don’t follow me. Me come here, come set the record. I may not feel proud saying it, but, oh, it was a journey. Anyway, Troy Starz (mumbles). Don’t make the same mistake that I did. Next thing, the next
thing I want to get to, which enough people may
not agree but like I said in my past videos, it’s
not everyone is who you think they are in terms of, it’s not everyone is against us and now that I’m talking,
I’m talking about your own Jamaican colleagues, your own Jamaican family,
your own link brothers, your own surrounding that you know already that is already here. You can find the right link. There are good, meaningful
people here still. Some are not good, but you
need to figure that out. If you want to stay by yourself, you can stay by yourself, but sometimes, it’s good if you have at
least two in your circle, somebody who you can call
upon because you alone cannot do it. You can try it, you can try, but you alone, it a go tough. You’re under more work,
more pressure if you alone try for do this. You can, but you need that, what you a call it now? Just a good link (mumbles)
man where you can (mumbles) ’cause sometimes
the work gets really, really stressing. Sometimes the work gets really on you. Sometimes you wonder
why you’re doing this. Sometimes it’s tough, really, it’s tough, but you can pull through. You can pull through. Next thing is, this is not really a part of the lineup but this
is just from me to you. If you are already subscribed, is already subscribed to my channel and you go ahead and watch this video with all this advice and information, and you feel that this was well done or this make you have
a better understanding of what to do and you feel
that you have a friend that this information would apply to but they may not on my channel, I want you to go ahead
and share this video with that friend. Anyone is watching and
feel that this video should to go to someone
else that you may know that need this information,
go ahead and share, and if you share the
video, and the person that is watching the video now, this is going to the last part, the person that got this
video from another friend, the friend that shared this video to you, that friend was looking out for you. That friend shared this video to you to let you know that, listen,
follow these information. Troy Starz will make you know what is what when you get here and start work. That friend is looking out for you. Now you can understand
good people will make sense in your circle ’cause you never (mumbles). So why don’t you just, message your man, say, respect for the video,
me get some good information, then you leave a comment and say Troy, me get this video from a
friend, big up yourself, thanks, in the description. Me just want to know, it
spread and it go around and it come back around
and me read it and smile. Let me get a thumbs up too, man. Last but not least, when
somebody take the time out and do something to benefit you, one thing you can do is take the time out and thank them. So that message from me to you. I just want to thank you
guys for sitting down and watch this video. Thank you guys for
acknowledging my channel and subscribing. Thank you guys for being a part of this and without you guys, I
would’ve maybe not sitting down here doing this, I find
something else to do, but because you’re important to me, I make myself important to you. Big up on yourself, (mumbles), Troy Starz, Jamaican trucker. You can start from
scratch, nothing at all, come up here broke like
dog, get little help, rise up, (mumbles) on
top, but me heading there and try and do him thing. Big up on yourself. (mumbles) Peace out to the Jamaican peeps. Peace out all me Asians, all of me Cuba, all of me, um, um, where
that place name again, England, all of my Grenada,
Barbados, Trinidad. You, (mumbles), all of me
people, (mumbles), Troy Starz. Peace out, (mumbles). – [Narrator] For more videos
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