hello my name is Jen from South Korea and 27 years old I’ve been here for about a year in Toronto I was planning to go to Australia before as a working holiday but at that moment the PSA school TRG gave me a promotion so that’s a reason I ended up to Canada dante’s very very awesome city to live in there are a lot of things like a movie theater yes of course and the shopping centre I went to college for come to Canada and my major was busy as a foreign language and knowledge about English in Japan he deserves native system is very baby school very new school so everything is new new table nuclear has a new copy mercy I heard that we just bought some espresso machine cafeteria so we can drink very very fresh coffee every day my agency in Canada and South Korea suffers 100% about so many our documents and visa my major in system is hospitality tourism management Ireland our hotel operation and food and beverage operation and some accounting in hospitality industry and organizational behavior is also maintenance how to behave in the workplace we go to school kisum four days a week Monday to Thursday and 9:00 to 2:00 p.m. one of the reason is allowing us to work legally that me to work too many hours per week I work for Korean restaurant as a server before and also I worked for Chechen company near Union Station we Catholic school just four days a week almost at morning time after that we are free to work or free to go out with friends so yeah we have quite we have a nice life after finishing school is our free time to go hang out with my classmates and everybody has so open mind it’s obviously really easy to hang out with classmates being a student and being a worker at the same is not that easy if my friend or my relative is thinking about saving time in Toronto or Canada then I mean you would recommend that to just this [Music]