[Music] hey guys welcome back and if you’re new to my channel welcome so I’m gonna be reacting to rainy day by two money yo I think that’s how you say his name this always recommended by this lovely person so I’m excited to check it out it is a brand new artist for me so I’m excited so let’s get into the video [Music] I like this little intro [Music] welcome to my downtown the mountain where the stress is the style of [Music] that everyone is fall for this money bro have you ever been afraid of the night for you so can I bring the cradle that I can hire when you’re talking to yourself there’s no time just remember [Music] I seen Amira take my hand I can help you to find out why self seen this limbo okay now I can’t go get it so far in my whole ma give me love homie co-stars in my love until bed inside me what I know Wendy’s 14 a dark lights and daddy daddy daddy day [Music] pants on the moon we salute our outfits in our lives so careful yes on your list hungry kids where y’all think will happen it’s got there [Music] then even has a pan on the background [Music] Oh [Music] like this [Music] I really like this song there were a lot of lines in there I really liked um my like favorite part of the whole song was when I said here let me let me read the lyrics have you ever been afraid of a night time for your soul for your happiness for your life when you talking to yourself there is no time just remember this is life don’t you know cry that was my favorite part of the whole song and it was just so chill I love how you were able to catch glimpses of like a piano in the background and I don’t know if you guys have noticed I love a good piano and it was just amazing and the person that recommended the song that said that I will like this song was so right because I do and I’m so happy that you recommend it to me because it is a really really good song I hope you guys like the reaction please give the video a big thumbs up please subscribe and I’ll see you guys when I see you guys [Music]