hey guys back with another vlog and starting it off with joy he hid a toy under the bed so hes trying to move the blankets to get it lol i love joy 😉 afterwards i got started on my morning coffee today i am using a light roast because i wanted to see if there was a difference i move that basket thing because i was prepping to steam milk and didnt want water all over 18 grams of coffee as per usual i will never get over how pretty espresso comes out i then steamed up some whole milk improperly i still cant do it right and then immediately after i cleaned the wand now i am purging the steam wand attempting to do latte art with flat milk ._. i ate some tiramisu and the latte for breakfast i have a piano recital coming up and this is the song i am playing i hadnt learned about 3 of the 6 pages and the recital is now in a week from now i now have it down but i need to get it memorized which is probably the more difficult part especially at the part where the key signature changes and becomes more of a waltz i then proceeded to finally utilize both the grapefruit ade and lemon ade i then got into editting i have no idea where the drink went tbh i then ended up taking a break and watching another really aesthetic youtuber and then joy here comes the key signature change EWMYVOICEITHOUGHTICHANGEDTHEPITCH okay please disregard that he didnt know which way to go lol now i am going to bring him out to go pee it was quite windy as you can probably hear lol and back to editting i found my drink btw its behind my big waterbottle what is amorning without coffee honestly, … a school day. oh heres my dad if you even care lol he wanted some coffee while i was making mine my dad doesnt like using regular milk because it has more sugar apparently he thought i couldnt steam almond but it turned out to be better than regular? ew i cannot speak, its not LOUD when its almond milk probably because i didnt stretch it properly tbh and now my parents dont want me to go to church because of corona and im really fine with that 🙂 so i had to watch a lecture of some dude and i ended up bullet journaling while he talked idk why this is all black so i apologize… this was the front page of my bullet journal and this is this weeks bullet journal i then had to read frankenstein and answer some questions again i am eating fish cake soup my mom made with some kimchi i then did the dishes that i dreaded because there were too many dishes to be done joy looking dead as always this time no lemon just grapefruit ade i ran out of sparkling water this time i have so many sparkling waters because costco 😉 my mom came back and so i am eating the rotiserre chicken from costco, is that how you spell it? once again coffee and back to practicing my song if you are wondering what it is called it is la plus que lente by debussy i struggle to get him to go outside to pee when he just wants to cuddle i like to tell him lets go out rather than pick him up so that he doesnt get pissed at me later earlier i ate this korean snack that is called like hot bang idk what it is in english so now i am eating yogurt with some granola and once again working on something idk even oh i was doing ap world history and now i am doing some math homework because i do not get volume over curve or whatever its called my dog came to join me because he heard me suffering lol i did some exercising and then took a shower so now i am eating some chicken alfredo i made it was too hot lol the sky was really pretty one day but i dont rememeber wht day this was and once again i am doing math because i had a calc quiz coming up and i still had no clue how to do it i then tracked the money that i owe my dad for the espresso machine so that i could earn once i finished i took a break and just lied on bed for a few minutes and then i got straight back into doing math and back at it with my coffee in a new day new day new coffee didnt want to show the extraction because i just did lol and once again doing some sort of work that i cant figure out yet. last time making a drink 😉