This is my big brother Tyler Hill. Like
thousands of young people before him Ty traveled abroad to experience a new land,
its people and culture. He joyfully left the U.S. to broaden his horizons by
embracing the gentle dignity and ancient wonder of Japan. Ty saw the magical Miyajima Shinto Shrine.
He was humbled at the Hiroshima Memorial tribute to victims of atomic bombing In elaborate Buddhist temples, Ty
witnessed the quiet splendor of Japanese religion. He experienced the zen-like
technique of carefully hand-scripting the word for love in Japanese Kanji. He
made many new friends and embraced the Japanese culture. Finally, my brother hiked Mount Fuji, one
of Japan’s three sacred mountains, the backdrop to thousands of years of art,
poems, and stories. High above the world Ty shared a loving
kiss with his dream girl Abby, and then my big brother,
Tyler, died.