Hi, my name is Preeti Sukhwani, and I’m
the Director of Edwise International in India. I’m also the representative for the University
of the Arts London, and have been so for the past two decades, so that’s a really really
long time and a relationship that I deeply cherish. Whilst international education is a great
launching pad for a student’s career, it can also be an extremely daunting task. And I think that’s where we come in. So Edwise International would typically help a student understand the whole application procedure, getting their portfolio in really good form getting their documentation together a student visa is very different from a tourist visa, so the documents do need to be arranged in a particular fashion. We really help the students take a good hard look at their work and what their potential is We see so many students, their portfolios are different, their interests are different and their backgrounds are different and their dreams are different , their interests are different and their backgrounds are different and their dreams are different We become a part of their entire process and we kind of have to be with them until they reach the university because theres so much that goes into it so everything from the time they have the thought of studying abroad to actually taking them through the whole journey and making that an actual reality is what Edwise International does So why study in the UK? Well the UK is really considered the global standard for academic excellence theres a huge, huge variety of courses. UAL in particular provides an environment
which really encourages students to push boundaries and really, really get innovative. I think it’s a fantastic environment, which
is also very, very different from the way they are taught generally in India I’ve seen students coming from very
sheltered backgrounds being very introverted who go out there and really come into their prime. Its like a dream come true to be in the University of the Arts London Now that I’ve got my offer, firstly I’m going to party a little and I’ll just prepare for going to London Edwise will be helping me with all the documents. It has helped me a lot. They’ve been very easy, they’ve been very sweet Students who have studied in the UK and especially university of the arts London have found it to be an almost life altering experience No just because of the academic prowess, but more in a personal sense I mean truly a beautiful transforming experience.