♫ [Instrumental Music] [BRIAR BAKER] The most recent global perspectives opportunity I’ve had, of the two that I did, was in China this past winter break. The idea of business is international, it’s across boundaries, it’s across cultures and being able to expose yourself to that environment in any part of the world gives you, I believe, a step up compared to someone who opts not to take advantage of these opportunities. [GINA NASCA] I went on the global perspective trip to China with a group of other MBA students. The school supported me in so many ways, be it financially because I was A recipient of one of the travel funds, which did contribute to a large portion of the cost of the trip, and I really don’t think I’d be able to do it without, without the money that the School of Management and the donor had given. [DANIELLE VAZQUEZ] I had the honor of attending the Ghana study abroad program. The first year I got to tour numerous businesses, different nonprofits, different startups. With my second year studying abroad, I was the co-founder of the Flow Project, which is a menstrual health curriculum for young adolescent girls in low-developing countries. [ETHAN SOKOLOWSKI] I decided to go on the Ghana trip and I chose to do it because it was something outside of my comfort zone, an opportunity to see the world in a different light and it made for probably
one of the, what I’m assuming is probably going to be one of the most everlasting experiences of my life. [EVELYN QUIST] Our recent global experience, the one that I participated in was to Ghana, West Africa, and I participated in the medical outreach program the part of the program. It just teaches you to open your mind beyond the sphere that you’ve created for yourself. [STEVEN GABRIEL] So over spring break this year I went to Costa Rica and the goal of that trip was to be able to partner with one of the only remaining independent coffee producers in Costa Rica. This was really the first opportunity that I’ve had thus far to be able to implement a business education in a real-world setting. So, being able to apply that education in a global context, I think was certainly something that I’ll take with me well beyond just the MBA program. [YASH SHAH] My recent global experience with UB was at Costa Rica. It was an amazing experience, so that this was the first time where I actually went to Central America and coming from Asia, getting a different perspective of how people are living. Exposure like this, getting a global perspective of programs like this actually helps you polish those soft skills and become a better manager or leader of the future. [EVAN CHEFALO] My global experience in Costa Rica was amazing. I got to learn a lot of things, not only professionally but I feel like just culturally. What this trip was for me, like a life-changing experience and only a week, too. ♫ [Instrumental Music]