[music]>>I studied abroad in Jordan, and it was
an archaeological excavation.>>So, I ended up going to the University
of Cape Town in South Africa.>>My program was an immersion program, which
means that I was actually a student at a Mexican university.>>I studied abroad in England at the University
of Leeds, and I decided to do a year program.>>I studied abroad in Rome, Italy, and it
was the best experience of my life.>>Studying abroad and seeing the places I
had learned about in my classes, and even speaking the language that I had learned in
my classes, that was just one of the best experiences for me.>>I kind of started my college career not
knowing what I wanted to do, and going abroad kind of helped solidify for me my interests
and my future goals.>>I couldn’t see myself as I am now without
it. It has certainly changed who I am.>>I’m more interested in other cultures now.
The world is huge, there’s a lot of countries out there. There’s a lot going on out there
and I’m just curious. I want to experience as much of it as I possibly can.>>The classes, especially my art history
ones, made the experience for me, so I loved doing the work and I loved studying for it
because it was the streets I was walking on, it was the buildings I would be passing by
and I got to see these things and feel like I knew them.>>My biggest concern was that I wasn’t going
to make very many friends… you know it’s kind of impossible not to make friends. There’s
so many people that are in the exact same situation as you, in a completely foreign
culture, and experience something new for the first time that it kind of brings you
all together.>>I was really scared to go because since
I was in an immersion program all my classes were in Spanish, and I had only taken Spanish
in high school. So I was pretty terrified, but they won’t send you unless they know that
you’re ready to go.>>They’re not used to having that many older
students at UCT, yet I never had the feeling that I didn’t fit in.>>The friendships I’ve made, I don’t think
I can really describe into words that well. It’s because these are the people that have
been through so much and there’s just so many fun memories, fun trips, as well as, like,
going through an internship in a foreign place.>>The only way I was able to afford going
abroad was actually through financial aid – thank god for that.>>I was able to get several scholarships,
both from Summer Sessions as well as from outside institutions.>>I would say save up before you go.>>You know, many campuses it’s even less
to go there than to be here at Cal. The cost of living could be less in another country
than it is here in the States.>>Going through this program, one of the
things I liked about it was I could take my financial aid package with me and that I was
also able to get a scholarship, which helped out a lot.>>Yeah and I actually got to fulfill a few
requirements for my major while I was abroad, which was really great. I took two classes,
which counted for my major.>>A lot of transfers come in thinking, “I’ve
only got two years. I’ve got to get in, I’ve got to get out.” Don’t let those worries inhibit
you because for most transfer students, they’ve already waited a long enough time, what’s
another semester to even extend it?>>It just gave me this sense of independence
and this sense of confidence in myself that I can go out and live somewhere and be self-sufficient
and learn how to live in a new place.>>This experience is so, like, life-changing
and as corny as it sounds I think it’s something that made me into a better person as well.>>If I were to change it I would make it
longer.>>I would’ve stayed longer if I could have.>>I would have stayed longer.>>My only recommendation is do it. You have
to do it.>>Stop thinking about it and just do it.>>Just go. Learn a language. Eat delicious
food. Eat tacos, chow mein, or whatever. Just go. Go now. Stop watching this. Go. [music]