Hi my name is Jenna and I studied abroad in
both Italy and Spain. Hi my name is Noble and I studied abroad in
China and in Spain. Do you want to study abroad? Well here are your first steps to get you
going on your journey. There are a bunch of ways to work on your
academics while you’re studying abroad. You can choose programs and courses based
on general education, major specialization, academic discipline, or region specific study. Some programs even let you have an internship. Where in the world do you want to study? On what continent? Now, it’s time to decide, what country? For example, if you chose Europe, here are
a list of countries in Europe. Now, what city do you want to go to? Say you choose Italy. Here are several cities that you can choose
to study abroad in in Italy. Do you want someplace rural? Or do you want to be in an urban area, a city? What about your living situation? Do you want to live with a host family or
in an apartment? Student body. Do you want to be with other students from
that country or do you want to be with international students from all different countries or with
students from California universities? There are 3 types of programs: Global Seminars,
EAP, and OAP. Global Seminars are 5 week long summer study
abroad programs led by UCSD Professors. Classes have 15 to 28 students and offer a
quick, immersive experience. Students earn 8 UCSD units that count toward
graduation. Financial aid will apply. All courses are taught in English.To find
out more information, visit the website globalseminar.ucsd.edu UC Education Abroad Program, EAP, is a UC-wide
organization that offers Study Abroad to UC students. There are opportunities in 46 countries as
well as different lengths of study. UCEAP allows students to study abroad and
receive UC units. Students are also allowed to use UCSD financial
aid to help cover costs. For more information, you can check out the
website uc.eap.ucop.edu You might find UC EAP doesn’t offer a program
that fits you. Never fear, UC San Diego allows students the
unique opportunity to go abroad with other organizations or universities so that students
can find the exact program that they want. There are a myriad of options open to students
that aren’t offered directly from the University. For OAP, students receive transfer units. While UC-specific financial aid cannot be
applied to OAP, state and federal financial aid can be used. Studying Abroad varies in cost, but these
are the things we can tell you. It’s a great investment for education. It’s an opportunity to globalize your academic
experience. And there are also many different ways to
finance. The four primary ways to finance are financial
aid, scholarships, grants, and crowdfunding. Well there you have it. Once you’ve completed these steps, feel free
to come into our office to set up an appointment with an advisor, or you can call in order
to make an appointment and start your journey abroad. As much as your classes are important while
studying in another country, don’t let them stop you from exploring the world around you. Regardless of where you go, there are a million
things to do and discover. Take it all in, because there is nothing like
and nothing better than studying abroad.