How does it feel to graduate today? Exciting. It’s a big accomplishment for me. I have two kids and I have full-time work.
It was a lot of work, so I am very proud. What was your most enjoyable part of
UCLA Extension? Being able to do all my work from home. So convenient. Anytime, any
time of the day, four o’clock in the morning I’m up studying. Midnight. Anytime I wanted. The flexibility it offers. Being able to work and go to school without losing, you know, the sense of quality of life. The hours are just flexible and the
education was wonderful. They offer flexibility for working professional. taking, you know, another step and obtaining certificate program was a
lot work for me, but UCLA Extension allow that flexibility for me and I was
able to complete finally in two years or so. I think the ease of getting into it,
the flexibility, the opportunity to take classes online, on campus, different
campuses, different teachers. I like the convenience of taking courses after work and being able to
work around a schedule. What were your favorite classes or instructors? All the instructors were great.
They were very accommodating. The ethics class was very great and the instructor was very, um, he was involved. Tax classes. Love the tax classes.
Corporate tax, LLC taxes are great. I got A+’s in all of them. The federal income taxation class. I couldn’t
have taken it at a better time because all the tax codes changed
and my professor was wonderful. It was a wonderful class and I taken so much from it. With your certificate, what’s next for you? I’m planning to take the board exam next. That–that’s my dream. Thinking of taking the CPA exam. Not sure yet, though, so I’m just glad to be graduated and have gotten all the experience out of the way, so. I landed a job at a Big Four accounting firm, so I’m going to start there in January. And till then, I’m gonna knock out some of
my state exams that I have to take. With the certificate, I’m actually being able to be promoted at work so, I’ll be a senior accountant. I’m actually working on completing my master’s in accounting. You have to complete 30 more hours after the certificate but this is just one stepping stone. I currently work for regional government so my next step
would be I’ll use whatever I learn and gain from certificate program and apply. UCLA Extension is… UCLA Extension is a dream come true. UCLA Extension is a great way to get an education from the convenience of home. UCLA Extension is a really great experience. UCLA Extension is inspiring. UCLA Extension gives opportunity for everybody, not to certain group of people. UCLA Extension is the best decision I ever made in my life.