I’m Kiran Mehta I studied at the University of Central Lancashire I took a Masters in Business Administration known as an MBA to most in 2015 I now work at Lloyds Bank and I’m on the Commercial Banking SME and Mid-Markets Graduate Scheme My current role is Associate Relationship Manager. My role is two fold – first and foremost I go out and meet clients and see what their banking requirements are what they’re looking to do in terms of future growth and aspirations and how we can help with that so coupled with that I then relay that to our team in the background that actually sanctions any sort of lending or loans or actually just allows us to open a bank account with those clients so my graduate degree and my MBA has really helped with that because it’s given me a key understanding of all business areas so when I go out and speak to clients it’s not just the case that we’re talking about finance and profit and loss and balance sheet and what they’re looking for from their banking I can actually have an holistic conversation on what they’re looking for how their HR policies are at the moment what their operations looks like what their strategic planning and what the future of the business is potentially going to impact it also feeds back in to political changes and how the environment’s going to change and it’s just given me a really good understanding of the business world In addition to that, once I’ve been out and done all that which has really been helped by my degree at UCLan I can then go back and sit down and write what’s almost similar to an assessment at university in to say this is the business, this is what they do this is what they’re looking for, this is the industry and basically create a full proposal that then gets submitted to our back office team. The MBA was a vital point in getting a job in the initial instance when you’re going out you’re interviewing, you’re looking for roles it certainly gives you a good understanding of what to expect, how to talk about business how to talk about what you’re looking for and it’s a lot about the softer side of skills that you learn so more about the personality, who you are how you fit into an organisation so certainly when I was looking for a job and getting my foot into the door it was really beneficial to actually open those doors the MBA’s a very prestigious degree and prestigious qualification and to gain that from UCLan and move forward in to my career, it’s been absolutely vital. The main reason why I chose UCLan to attend University here is mainly to do with the fact that it offered such a diverse opportunity so it’s one of the biggest universities in the country I think at the time of me studying here it was one of the top five but alongside that there was a real depth of cultural background so in a world where a lot’s changing globalisation is taking on at a much quicker rate it’s always good to have that different perspective and i think certainly in my MBA group I was blessed with a lot of people from different backgrounds and different countries, cultures, different segments different workplaces, and basically I managed to round my skills through that so I learned a lot of what they could offer and it made me a more rounded individual and I think moving forward into the workplace it makes me relate to a lot more people than I would if I would have done a degree by distance learning where I wouldn’t have had that exposure. Subtitles by LIS Digital Services