Where do you want to go? I know you have
a lot of questions and maybe even reasons as to why this will not work out.
But I’m here to tell you that study abroad was the best decision that I made
in my college career. For me I wanted to study abroad because I wanted a change
of scenery I wanted to take myself out of my
comfort zone and immerse myself into a new culture a new language a new country
and just take in what they had to offer. All I knew was that I wanted to go
somewhere that I can have a fresh new experience and just be the complete
stranger in the country. Picking Singapore was all about me going to a
place where not a lot of people that I know that I’m close with have visited
before I just wanted to go out of the box and do something that not a lot of
people do. I uprooted myself and what was comfortable and placed myself in an
environment where I knew no one and I came with a lot of freedom because I
didn’t have anyone looking over my shoulder making sure that I’m doing what
I’m supposed to do. However with that much freedom, comes a lot of
responsibility. You need to know how to manage your time well when it comes to
your academics to social life and your overall experience you need to know how
to be a great team player because you’re going to meet a variety of different
people and making that connection in forming that relationship is very
important this will make you employable in the future in the sense that you’re
adapting to a new environment your new surrounding and making
the most out of it. So where do you go from here is when important why or even
where most important to you come talk to a professional advisor at the School of
Business to help you integrate this into your UConn experience