This is where you live, where you learn, where you celebrate together. I grew up in the Ruhr area, I graduated from high school there and then I went to Iserlohn to pursue my bachelor’s degree at the University of Applied Sciences Europe. Afterwards, I completed my
Master’s degree. After this, I joined Deutsche Bahn’s trainee programme and today I am the head of recruiting there. I had maths as advanced course and pedagogy as my minor subject Those were the two subjects that inspired me and I really enjoyed them. Then I looked for something I wanted to do with the degree. My English teacher suggested that I studied business psychology, because of the combination of my strength in mathematics and my interest in pedagogy. Among other things, I found the University of Applied Sciences Europe. The person I saw on the website, welcomed me on the first day on campus. That was my first ‘wow’ moment. The principal then stood up in the atrium and welcomed us. This showed an incredible amount of personality and human warmth. That inspired me, even though Iserlohn is not the city I had in mind as a young person for my studies. The campus in Iserlohn had such a flair. It was a great welcome feeling. The old buildings at the Seiler Lake showed a very familiar atmosphere. I remember working in teams most of all. I remember staying on campus one night and we had to finish our business plan. We were allowed to work on a business plan in a small team and it was the last night before the submission date. We noticed that our figures were wrong. Then we called someone who studied finance and asked “Can you help us?” We ordered pizza to the university. He came here, we worked together until the numbers were right and we had our presentation ready for the next day. Such moments have remained in my memory. The exciting thing is that a contact was established between the people and that contact still exists today. Even when I meet a stranger and I know he has studied at the University of Applied Sciences Europe, we’re right on a personal level.
I know what someone’s been through and what someone has learned.
This creates a familiar relationship, which makes contact much faster. In Berlin, for example, I met a former fellow student at Deutsche Bahn. We didn’t know each other before. But we immediately got into a good working relationship.