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“The Learning Hub: [uplifting music]
“The Learning Hub:
Student Spotlight” [uplifting music]
“The Learning Hub:
Student Spotlight”
Kaj Days [uplifting music continues] “tell us about yourself!” Well, my name is Kaj Days. I am a
freshman at UIS. My major is international business both major in business management and major in international affairs. “how did you first hear about The Hub?” I actually first
heard about The Learning Hub through my freshman orientation and through one of
my teammates – uh – Bahari. He told me that there was a – it was a – I mean The Learning Hub was a very good resource to use because – I mean – if you’re struggling in
class they have tutors that are – that are very well-rounded and well – I mean – I took his took
his advice and came up here and I felt like I was going to struggle just being
acclimated with my – er – with all my classes in my first year of college. So, I
wanted to have as much help as I could going – going into my first year so I
could recognize where I struggled and , even though I struggled, I would have a
tutor or somebody to help me out so the hardships wouldn’t be that hard. So… “how would you describe yourself as a student?” As a student – well – I’m very hard-working,
I’m very concerned about the grades that I get. I really strive to get the best
grades possible. I really hate procrastinating – I like to get as much
done as I can ahead of time so when time comes for me to actually start to get
things done it’s not a whole heaping plateful – I can just knock out sections by
by sections ahead of time so, by the time the due date comes, I have everything – if
not done ahead of time – within pretty good – pretty good range of being done. “what is your favorite study spot on campus?” My favorite study spots – I came to – well I
have a couple actually um… I guess if I were to go down the list my favorite
study spot would be the classrooms where I have to go for my supervised study
hours. I guess – I mean – they have a nice quiet spot. All my friends are there so I
mean I’m not by myself so if I get bored or I need a couple seconds to look up
from what I’m doing just converse for a little bit I can. Second favorite
– learning – yea studying spot would be here in The Learning Hub because I have a whole bunch of resources around me so if I happen to run
into some issues with a problem or I don’t know how to write our paper
correctly or I just need step by step help on doing – just completing a homework
assignment I can turn to just about anybody and if they don’t have the
answer they can point me in the direction of somebody who does have the
answer. And then – let’s say – lastly would be Brookens Library. They have a lot
of cool little places where you can kind of hide out and it’s nice and quiet and
you can get homework done yeah and you get it nice view of the campus. “what challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?” The – I guess the biggest challenge I had
was – kind of – learn how to manage my time in the respects of having a lot of big
big homework assignments due during the same day. So how to manage my time to
focus on one subject and then switch gears into a different subject and
switch gears into a different subject and with being a student-athlete
also switching gears into having that – I guess – student athlete mentality of
going to practice and going to the weight room and then being able to get enough
sleep so then the next morning I can get back up and do the same thing over and
over again. “what has been the hardest thing to adjust to?” Difficult – the most difficult part of college life I would have to say living
together – cohabitating with people that are strangers I guess. I’m used to you
know living – living like – or having my own living space, being able to have a
room to myself and be able to stay up as late as I want to do homework as late as I need to – not worry about there’s a roommate that needs – that wants to go
to sleep or he can’t sleep with the light on or something like that. So, I know and also –
kind of like – sharing like the same bathroom and stuff like that because
some people are not the – not the cleanest at UIS but yeah. “what skills have you gained since starting college?” Well, I’ve learned uh – actually quite a
bit – um some of the things that kind of stuck out to me or just the little things
that I can use when writing a paper and researching a paper. I learned – kind of
like – cool little tricks to find scholarly articles because when you’re
faced with – faced with finding a topic and then finding scholarly articles that –
that deal with your topic, it’s it’s kind of – it’s kind of hard to just find the
starting spot. So, I found nice – er – cool ways to to find these articles as well
as if you’re going back to the article how to search the page instead of
having to read through each – each sentence of each – each paragraph. I can
just search keywords and take me to what – the information that I actually need and
it saves a whole bunch of time. I know in high school I would be the person that
would read through the whole – like the whole paper or the whole article so I
can get my homework done. Whereas now I’ve learned how to use some little tips
and tricks to make that process a little bit each. “what advice would you give to incoming freshmen?” To incoming freshmen – I would – my advice
would be to take advantage of all the resources that are given to you for free
because in actuality they are not free you’re actually paying for them so why
not use them? And also get – even though due dates may seem like they’re in the
far distance, make sure you get at least a a head start on them ahead of time
because that will pay off in the long run because you’ll have to worry about
cramming and getting a whole bunch of stuff done in a short amount of time
because you already be used to – used to doing the work and also you’ll have – kind
of – an idea of where you left off and where you need to go still. “what is something you wish you had known before starting college?” One of the things that I wish I knew before coming to college is that you will get a whole
bunch of homework and you will have to work your butt off sometimes you might
just stay up later than you normally do to get it done but that you really need
to focus on your schoolwork first and foremost and make sure that you get your
work done ahead of time and not let it pile up because when it comes time
for all that homework to be due and you only have to two days or maybe a day to get
various homework done it’s very stressful and I would – I wouldn’t wish
that on my worst enemy so um I guess one thing I wish I would – to reiterate I
guess one thing that I wish that I would have known before coming – or going
into college is that you have a lot of homework and that you really need to
make sure that you manage your time wisely so you can get all of it done. “how has The Hub helped you while you’ve been a student at UIS?” I kind of say that The Learning Hub taught me a little bit better than my
teachers actually did – just that in the ways that – I guess – the teachers kind of give
you the overall – I guess in a way – give you overall cover the basics and then
leave you off to do your homework and to – I guess – anyway just further teach
yourself and things in the things in class that you may not be 100% on or
that you don’t fully understand. So with those things – I mean some parts – some parts of like the homework and the curriculum I am able to understand myself and sometimes – some things I don’t know how – I don’t know how to do all right
maybe I just need a better way to to go about it so I will come here and they
teach me a whole different way sometimes it’s similar to – to have been taught or
something similar to what I’m doing myself initially but it – kind of – helps me
a lot more by at least coming here having a second opinion and having just
another reference to talk to and to question that equally knows as much
about the subjects that I’m that I’m trying to learn as the teacher that’s
teaching it. “anybody else you’d like to mention from The Hub?” I was actually just say all of my tutors,
they – they – I know sometimes it was a struggle sometimes I wouldn’t come
prepared all the time but I mean Nicole does an awesome job helping me
understand my Math, help – helping me become more clear or find a better way on – of how to
prepare for tests and go about doing homework and understanding vocabulary
and whatnot. See Erica – she is – she does wonderful job demolishing my
papers – no I’m just kidding – she doesn’t she does an awesome job helping me – help me
find better ways to introduce our topics and to understand – understand how like the
best way to reach like my audience and the best way to word things. Alec – he
also – he also helped me so much within my first year – or first semester of
English because I admit I wasn’t the best – the best writer and he kind of just
hung in there with me and stuck it out and ended up helping me much more than – than I would have been on my own so yeah that’s – shout out. Go team. “what does success mean to you?” I guess success, to me, is being faced with
an obstacle or being faced with – um – a task to do and you are able to complete
that test or homework or anything for that matter – or obstacle above and beyond
what your expectations are. I mean it’s I guess it’s one thing to just get – get
something done – and get something done where you’re just passing. I think to be
actually – to be successful you go above and beyond what’s average and what
is expected and once you do that, I believe that you’re successful. “any final thoughts?” I just think that
everybody should – should really – I mean – if it was up to me I would have every
student at UIS come up to The Learning Hub and maybe just get a tutor once a
week or twice a week and just I mean even if you might not need a tutor it
helps tremendously you learn things that you probably wouldn’t have if you’re just –
just going through college by yourself or with – or – or with minimal help I mean
it’s always good to have somebody to double check your answers for you or to
look over your paper critique your paper or help you out with a Science problem
I mean even though you might be able to do it yourself –
it helps to – it helps to just have somebody else there willing to – want to
help you and frankly has just maybe a little bit better understanding on the
topic than you do so maybe you can understand it quicker or easier or
develop a way to understand – understand maybe things that are – that go beyond
just the homework or the subject that in front of you. [uplifting music continues] “thank you so much Kaj!” “make an appointment with TheHub to get help with your college coursework!” “The Learning Hub – M-R 8:30-7:00pm – F 8:30-4:30pm – BRK460 – (217) 206-6503 – [email protected] “Carpe Diem” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/