Education is so important because it’s part of everything. It’s part of being human. You’ll study all
aspects of the way young people learn
not just in school, but outside in
the wider society. I decided to study
education at Leeds, because it’s multidisciplinary. It gives you a variety
of sectors to go into. You can go into being
a social worker. You could go specifically into
working with young children. There’s so much variety. The student community here
at Leeds are wonderful. We look after each other. We work together in groups. You have plenty of time to
get to know people, as well. We all have group discussions
within our lectures. So you always have
those opportunities to get to know each other
in and out of the lectures. I know from visiting
various countries around the world
for conferences, I’m often met by Leeds
graduates, who talk fondly about their time here and still
carry on those friendships years later. It just opens your eyes
up to a love and ideas that you probably
never would have had, and you do change
your perspective. I didn’t expect people
to come here confident. We expect to come
being willing to learn. Leeds is a very diverse
city, and that’s reflected in the student
community as well. It’s one of the major
cities, but it’s also quite condensed and compact. It’s quite easy to
learn the layout and feels a bit like a town. For me to sum up the
School of Education would be to say how amazing
the support network is, how diverse my course
is, and how much variety and sort of freedom I have.