Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel! How are you ? Hope you are doing great!! About today’s video… Most of us might have had dreams about studying in America or some other western countries, right? I have… although I never put any further thought or effort into it because academics were not really my strong suit Today, I got a chance to take videos at a University in America Honestly, this is the first time I’m getting to see inside a University outside my country I have seen some from the outside, but have not been inside any of them So I’m very excited! This is my first time seeing one, lets explore together!! To give you some idea about this college This is NC State University, that is, North Carolina State University Founded in 1887 35 thousand plus students enrolled here currently there are many courses offered here 100+ fields of study where bachelors degree is offered This is just one of the campuses There are few other campuses within a mile or two from here This is a state University that is, its a government funded University so the course fees are lower compared to that of private colleges The academic system here is quite different compared to the one in India For example, for an engineering degree in India, the course structure and subjects are mostly fixed Here, if I enrolled into a 4 year engineering degree course.. I get to choose the subjects that I want to take as part of that degree For example, I may need to get 30 credits to complete the course.. And I would have the option to choose among many subjects which I wish to take to get those 30 credits In the end, I just need to ensure I get the 30 credits to complete the course/degree An interesting difference.. In India, for a student, there would be one fixed classroom and different teachers/professors would come there to teach different subjects Here, the student has to go to different classrooms depending on the subject/teacher So, here the student has to go the classroom where the professor is.. That’s probably a good thing, right? I felt this is something quite different.. We do get option to choose electives back in India, but that is limited Now lets see a sample classroom come on.. So here is the sample classroom of this college Look how spacious it is Then one main thing I noticed is that every seat has a charging plug available because every student uses laptop in the class And there is a desktop for the teacher’s use there are projectors So these are the main things commonly found in a classroom. So the one thing that attracted me is how spacious the classes are, its very spacious right? Now lets go and see the James B Hunt Jr Library In our colleges we go to Library search for the book we want Here all that will be done for us by a robot the book robot does it if you ask how? we just have to lookup the book we want, add it to the cart and checkout, the book will be fetched and ready for pickup at the designated counter for us. I will show you a demo of that Assume that I selected the book I want and added it to my cart. Lets see the demo of it. the name of the book robot is ‘bookbot’ I clicked ‘OK’ as I move here, That yellow coloured machine you see is the bookbot Okay you can see it moving.. Its going to fetch for the book that I want The aluminium racks on either side that you see are book stacks. All the books are stored in it New gen technology 🙂 So now we are at gaming room inside the library actually its called game lab for the students here I showed you the book robot right? using that they can get a gaming disc from the library and play from here library has a plenty of gaming discs So we can select the one we want and play from here that’s what these guys are doing This is for when you are bored studying obviously I get so sleepy when I open books 😉 so its for people like me there are not many people here now as its spring break Normally this space will be occupied I love this library so much, when I was in college, honestly, I never stepped into the library but if our libraries where also like this I would have surely used it. 🙂 We are now going to the 3rd floor of this library come.. So this is the 3rd floor of the library this is an outdoor space nice view from here.. Look how beautiful it is… Its winter here now If it was summer or fall it would have been even more beautiful So all this time we have been in the library what a wide variety they have in the library right? when I think about library lot of books, e-books and cd’s comes into my mind But here, they have a lot more than that like music composing rooms, video editing room Rooms to play games, resting areas even every chair is so attractive compelling anyone to go to the library Really a world class setup many universities here may have similar facilities But a first time experience for me I’m one of those people who stayed away from books so I got so excited after seeing this library lets check out the next area..come on We are now at the gym facility This is one of the two swimming pools here this is the bigger one a whole building for all the gym facilities This is an indoor track if running outside is not possible due to bad weather, etc , this track can be used this indoor track goes around the building You can see the nearby tennis courts from here This is the soccer ground here, what we call football Its a world class facility There is an Olympic style running track around it Colleges here give lot of importance to sports and games and high class facilities are provided for these Some of these games get broadcast on national TV channels and top players have the opportunity to get drafted to professional leagues like the NBA/NFL So that is a reason a lot of importance is given here to college sports The buildings you see here are the dorms or student dormitories The building you see straight ahead is the student center the student union and some other student activities happen here Another exciting and cool place here is this one its called the free expression tunnel Whatever the students want to express.. whether it be through drawing or writings, any language, can be done here All the graffiti here makes it a great place to snap some pics Pretty cool, right? So, this is a big place and we are now tired of all the walking we came here around 2 pm now its around 6.30 pm there is still a lot more left to see by the way, you might be wondering what this is behind me most colleges here have a mascot, which identifies that college For NCSU, that is a wolf and hence the wolves behind me So, I’ve tried to cover some of the major facilities here I’m someone who studied in India and I wanted to cover some of the things that I was excited about So I’ve tried to include most of the special things here I hope you all liked this video If you did, don’t forget to subscribe and one other thing.. click on that bell icon next to the subscribe button and you will get notified when I publish my next video so don’t miss that! 🙂 please share with your friends and family and check out my other videos So until next time, tataaa, bye byeeee