The University of Perpetual Help System DALTA has always recognized the importance of quality education in nation building. The University’s founders Dr./Bgen. Antonio L. Tamayo and his wife Dr. Daisy M. Tamayo envisioned a country, led by well educated Filipinos. In 1975, they established the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA. To this day it is considered to be the most prestigous educational institution in Southern of Metro Manila, Philippines. The University of Perpetual Help System DALTA offers Primary, Secondary undergraduate graduate and special courses in three sprawling
campuses in the South. The Las Pinas campus
is the largest of the three. and offers more than seventy
undergraduate courses The second campus in Molino is considered to be one at the most
prestigious educational institution in Cavite and the third campus in Laguna seats on sprawling grounds
and also look up to as one of the most respected
universities south of Metro Manila. Developing holistic students
is always the mission of the University Excellent Academic Program and Training Perpetual had the facilities
in helping me reach my dream in becoming a nurse While I was a student, i was able to cross-train at the
University of Perpetual Help Medical Center The training I got instill to me the discipline of hardwork
and caring for others it is this training that got me to passed my board exam as a 9th Placer Perpetual took care of me
when I was a student and now it is my turn
to take care of others Top Caliber and Nurturing Faculty I chose Perpetual because they have the facilities and top caliber faculty that helped me to reach my dream
to be a Marine Deck Officer Former Admiral of
the Philippine Coast Guard and a Former Captian of a ship heads the Administration and Faculty
of our College of Maritime. I am now a Maritime Board Passer
because of the help of the University of Perpetual Now, I am sailing in one of the
largest Shipping Company. University of Perpetual Help
have been a big part in achieving my dreams Admiral Wilfredo Tamayo, PCG (Ret.)
VP for Maritime Affairs Major General Lino Lapinid, AFP (Ret.)
Professor, College of Criminology Justice Minita Chico-Nazario
Dean, College of Law Former Supreme Court Associate Justice State of the Art Facilities Perpetual Help
is a great University. because they have one of the best Hotel and Restaurant Management Facilities in the South racer visenteno alcohol that night it’s a alerting her dad is a senior legal experience scenario
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system by nurturing our students and providing
them with world class the cynicism experts merchants faculty no plans to excel in their chosen
professions strides you look at it university of perpetual help always caring, always ahead