The University of San Diego For over 60 years, this Catholic, non-profit
institution of higher learning has been educating San Diego’s brightest. With energy playing a major role in operations
and cost, today the school serves a community of over eight thousand. [Len Hering]
Energy is a significant cost for a university of this size, especially when you get into research,
science, and those type of efforts. So, everything that we do, we track every
single penny, right down to the kilowatt, if you will, looking for watt savings across the board. [Michael Catanzaro]
A little bit of hard work is really all it
takes to be successful. We’ve got our partners with SDG&E
and our other consultants that really help us save a ton, a ton of energy. We identified HVAC projects, and we
also did some plant optimization and changed out about ten thousand
light bulbs around campus. We’ve saved about twenty percent of our energy usage
this year, which is almost a million dollars. [Narrator]
Producing 70% of its own power, The
University of San Diego is innovating through the use of renewable energy. USD also leverages the SDG&E partnership program, extending its efforts to include
student involvement. [Michael Catanzaro]
We’re really proud to be one of thirteen
partners in SDG&E’s Energy Efficiency Partnership Program. And it gives us funds to really reach
out and educate our students about not only the projects we’ve done, but
ways in which students can, in their lives, use energy efficiency measures to
make the world a better place. [Narrator]
From retrofits, to renewables,
to energy education, USD is setting an example others really can follow. [Roger Manion]
It sounds difficult. It is really easy to do. A lot of people ask us, you know, ‘How did you save five million kW?’ It’s just changing out lights and changing how
you think about things and how you operate. It’s really simple. [Len Hering]
Start asking the question: Why are
we doing it that way? What can we do? How can we change the environment for tomorrow so that we can be more responsible for our environment? [Narrator]
The University of San Diego
2011 Higher Education Energy Champion.