Good morning. It’s Thursday the 22nd of
February and it’s the first day of the uni strikes. There’s a figure being thrown
round that the average academic will lose £10,000 a year in pension pay. I
don’t know how accurate that is because it’s, like, kind of everywhere and usually
these kind of statistics are just kind of like…. no one knows what they came from
but that might be true. No matter what, their pensions are at risk and they’re
on strike so I don’t have uni today. I’m the only person I know that is happy to
have a day off. I just want an excuse to be able to stay home and not feel guilty
about it. Obviously I support the lecturers
having the money that they’re entitled to have, but I’m just excited to have
a day off. I have a lot to do today, I’m really grateful for the day off just
because I have so much work to do. I don’t know how I’d find the time if I
had to go into uni today. I thought it’s a very rare occasion that I’m being so
productive all at once, I would do a sort of Day In The Life / Study With Me video, so you can kind of see the kind of work I do and
what I get up to in a day. Obviously, my typical uni day, I would be at uni but
today’s a rare exception. Also today, another thing is it’s results day. So at
about twelve o’clock I’m gonna be finding out how I did in my January
exams and honestly I don’t want to think about that. I don’t want to know. I’m
gonna keep myself distracted and do some work. But now I’m gonna eat this
breakfast – got Marmite on toast and a cup of tea – and then I’m gonna shower and
then crack on with my day. Normally I would stay in my pyjamas if I was having a day like this where I was just staying home but for
the sake of productivity I have put on jeans because I feel like if I’m
actually properly dressed I am definitely less likely to get back
into bed. So my first step today is going to be to
write a to-do list. Recently I’ve been finding to-do lists really helpful so
I’m going to start off by just getting everything onto paper of what I need to
do today. I’ve got two bits here so this bit is for uni related stuff and this is
just general, like, to-do list tasks. So here I’m just kind of looking through
all my notes to see any bits which I might’ve missed or, like, sometimes I
write a little asterisk next to my notes if I don’t finish everything so
I’m just checking all of that to see what I’ve actually got to do, just in terms of
catch up. So there’s my to-do list. This is just my uni work list and it’s pretty long. Getting stuff done and ticking things off my list makes me feel so good
so I’m kind of excited. This little planner thing is from Kikki.K. I have a few others as well I just use what ever one I’ve got out. But the
two top priorities on this list is the coursework which is due in tomorrow,
which I haven’t started yet, and my Hilbert Spaces coursework, which doesn’t
need to be done today but I’d like to make a start. I’ve got a lot of French
work to do because I’m doing a French course now. French 1A, it’s like very beginner’s
French and I thought I’d make the most of my time at uni and actually try and
do some French. We have three hours of lectures on Thursdays normally, which
means I’m missing three hours of lectures because my teacher is on strike, so I’ve got to do it all myself. Results are gonna be out in about half an hour and
before I look at them I want to at least have got the coursework for tomorrow done,
because if the results are bad I’m gonna have absolutely no motivation or
confidence to do this piece of coursework which is due in tomorrow. So,
I’m gonna make a cup of tea, get on with the coursework and then once it’s done I
look at the results. Things are not going as well as I’d
planned. I’ve done most of the coursework but I
just feel like I need to check it with someone. So I’ve stopped to have lunch.
I’ve made myself beautiful halloumi pitta with spinach and garlic mayonnaise. I’m gonna eat that and watch something on YouTube or Netflix and then I’ll get
back to work. I’ve had a breakthrough with this piece
of coursework. I’ve got all the answers, they’re all in rough here, so now all I
have to do is transfer them and then it’s results time. The results are here, they
arrived at half ten and I’ve just not opened the email yet because I need to get
his done first. My heart is beating so fast. The camera
is on my bed so apologies for the wobbling but the coursework is done.
It took me way too long but it’s done. Got myself a bar of chocolate ready for
if the news is bad and the only thing that I absolutely have to do today is
done, so if necessary I can write the rest of the day off. Okay we’re doing it.
It’s opening. The email is opening. Optimization 75, Graph Theory 74, CRM 64, Finance 65. Where’s the calculator? What does that average to? That’s just my luck. That averages to 69.5. Every set of exams I’m so close to scraping a first,
and now 69.5! AAAAH it’s so frustrating because I’m so close yet not
quite close enough. I don’t need any pity chocolate but I’m gonna have some celebration
chocolate instead. So I’ve done some listening exercises
and some grammar exercises. I’ve written a paragraph about my family. It’s half six now and I have basically spent the whole day working. I had half an hour lunch break
to watch Outnumbered and eat my halloumi and now I’ve made myself dinner. This is some
kind of curry that I’ve defrosted, don’t really know what it is but it
tastes good. That’s all my work done for today, I definitely didn’t get everything
done that I needed to or wanted to but I’m done. I’m done for the day. I have
places to go, people to see. It’s my friend Chris’s birthday and he’s having
a little flat party thing so I’m gonna go there tonight and then get back on it tomorrow morning. I’m gonna go watch some Netflix I’ll see you tomorrow. It is Saturday. I didn’t film yesterday because none of my
lectures were cancelled so I was in uni, I didn’t really think taking this big DSLR
was a great idea. But it was still a productive day yesterday and I still
have a lot more things on my to-do list so I thought I’d continue this little
day in the life / study with me thing today. I don’t know what the time is, I think it’s maybe like half ten? Ah, quarter to 11! I’ve been up for a couple of hours I haven’t really
done anything. I’ve just got myself some breakfast. I’ve got some Cookie Crisp
which I don’t even like but it was an offer. You know like, kids cereal isn’t it? I
keep waking up with like breathing problems. I think it’s either to do with
the dust or the damp and I think I need to go to the doctor and get a new asthma
check thing. The sun is shining, it is an absolutely beautiful day outside and my
flowers have bloomed I’m so happy! Every day I open the
curtains and it just makes me so happy. Let me show you. Oh wow okay. I need a
wide angle lens cos they’re all like bent. Anyway, gonna have breakfast then
probably shower and then crack on with my really long to-do list.
It’s been a bit of a slow start today I’m ashamed to say. So I’m finally
motivated to actually start doing work so I’m going to start with something
pretty simple that doesn’t require brain power. So I’ve got some examples stats
questions to do from probably the first or second week of the semester, which I
haven’t done yet. Obviously it’s just optional things but I feel like I’m
gonna do this so I can understand what’s going on. So that’s what I’m gonna do now. Alright, so let’s get it up. Exam 14/15, let’s do this. That question is done. I wish I’d filmed
myself ticking it off the to-do list because it was just very very very
satisfying. I’ve got a few more stats questions to
do but I’m having lunch now because it’s half one already and I’m
getting hungry and I’m getting the shakes. I don’t know if you can tell from
the kind of moving all over the place but I’m hungry and my hands are like
WOOOOAHHH. I’m really happy with that question because it’s an exam question, it’s on
the exam every year and it’s worth ten marks which is ten percent of the exam
and I’ve got it down. I’m gonna have some pitta bread and some hummus, maybe
watch something on YouTube?? Although I don’t want to fall into a pit of just
not doing anything because I’m stuck on YouTube but I’m gonna watch something
and try and limit myself. I just want to show you how cute my bed looks really
quick because it just looks like the cosiest place. I think I’m going to attempt to write
some Integral Transform Method notes. I’ve got maybe a week or two of notes which I’ve
missed. I went to the lectures but at the time I was just kind of highlighting the
handout that she gave us, whereas I feel like actually writing the notes
physically, with my colour code scheme and everything, that helps me remember things
and learn things and understand things. So I’ve been slowly going through them
and like translating them into my own notes. I think it was the end of Week
3 that I started writing the notes in the lectures. I’m guessing there’s a
week or two left for me to catch up with. I might not do it all now because I like
to take my time writing notes and making them nice and neat and pretty but I’m
gonna try for at least one lecture. So these are my notes from the last lecture
for this module. The lecturer writes notes on her iPad and projects it on the
board and she goes really fast, so sometimes
she skips to the next page without me be able to write everything. So first of all
I’m gonna fill in all the gaps. So I’ve got a sticky note here, I put asterisks where I’ve missed things out so I’m just gonna quickly fill those in. I’ve got a post-it note here which marks where I
got up to in catching up on the notes and then this is where I actually started in
the lectures. It suddenly got dark but it turns out that one lecture I was writing the notes for was the last one before I was up to date, so I’m now going to tick it
off my list. Look at that! How satisfying. Still got all of this to do. Good morning! It’s actually afternoon. It’s
half 12:00 on Sunday. I’ve already done about an hour of French work. I’ve
started going through Duolingo just because the stuff they teach on there is
different to he stuff we learn in class. Done a bit of that and written some
really pretty notes. I love writing notes in French, it’s so exciting. It’s so
different to maths in terms of just how nice it looks. I can make my notes look
as good as they can for maths and I highlight them in pretty pastel colours
and stuff but a lot of the numbers are ugly. And in French, I can write
neatly in a pretty notebook, you cannot do that in maths. Some like proper emos just
walked past blasting some emo music and it made me feel nostalgic. Anyway right
now I’m editing a Student Cookbook video. It’ll probably be up already by the time
you’ve seen this but I’ve not uploaded a video in two weeks because I’ve just
been doing uni work, trying to get my life on track you know. I thought I’d sit
down, take a bit of time while I drink my cup of tea to actually get cracking on
this and then I’m gonna go for a bike ride. What a look! My bike’s got a flat
tyre. I went round the block just to see whether it was actually bad or not but
it was making a disgusting noise and you can’t really tell, can you? No, you can’t
really see it. At least it was a workout! Time to crack on with some work.