My name ist Kurt Biedermann. I am the owner of the driving school of the same name. This is my son, Mario. I’ve been in the business for twelve years and I’ve also been a truck driving instructor for four years. It all depends on the type of driving lesson we’re doing, but if we go out on the motorway or on an overland tour, then we’ll definitely cover around 200 km, sometimes in one day. We need good vehicles to do that. We’ve been driving MAN trucks for 20 years and that’s why we ended up working with the TGE, because, ultimately, it’s the best training vehicle in its class. It comes with a wide range of assistance systems as standard which learner drivers can then use. We have a lane guard system, cruise control and a vehicle distance speed regulator. So, Alexa, let’s head out for our first driving lesson, let’s see how it goes. Yes. Learner drivers get used to the MAN very quickly because the transition from the interior fittings and equipment of a passenger car to those of an MAN is not particularly drastic. They just have to be careful, because the dimensions are different. – And, what do you say so far? On the first 10 meters?
– Quite good. – Is it going well?
– Yes. I am glad. A huge number of craftspeople, emergency personnel, people who have a caravan at home, and a lot of horse owners come to get their driving licence with the TGE. What is it you need a driving licence for? I work for the ambulance service. Because the ambulances are so big, we all have to get a C1 driving licence. Ah, look at you, you are doing it for a good cause at least. I don’t want to tempt fate here, but if the worst happens, then you can save me. – Perhaps.
– Perhaps. Seeing them arrive as learners who can’t get a single thing right and then seeing them leave as fully trained drivers is the best part of the job.