hey guys hi welcome back what it’s been
a long time so a very happy new year and I’m sure that your practice was going on
really well because you have dropped me in the comments that you’re practicing
for IELTS and you’re practicing your English as well I know that last year
the video of mine which did really well was the five important words which I’ve
shared with you the power-packed words which when used during IELTS speaking or
writing section you could score good marks, let me do another episode today.
I’m gonna give you five new words power-packed, impactful words when used relevantly when used at the right time during your essay writing or your
speaking section you would definitely score good marks
well let’s quickly jump onto the first word. The first word is perspective
perspective it’s a noun you can basically use it during times when
you’re trying to give your opinion state your opinion or you want to say that in
your view or in your perspective so you can say that in my perspective this is
right and this is not right you know so it’s your viewpoint it’s your point of
view it’s what you think so instead of using these words that I think or in
my opinion you can use perspective in my perspective
so now you’ve understood how to use it let’s quickly jump onto the next word
but before I jump onto the word let me show you that how I have been practicing
my words right so I use this app called cambly I have done a video on it in
few of my other videos as well Cambly is definitely a very interesting English
learning app you have tutors across the globe you can talk to them any time of
the day so it does not matter which time zone you’re in let me show you how to
use it quickly so guys this is the cambly app which you see over here this
is how it will look once you download it all you need to do is just click on to
this and then what opens is the cambly app you have home tutors and topics on
top I would want to speak to a tutor quickly click on to a tutor and I would
select any of the tutor and Practice English Me: hey Willie hi how are
you doing I’m Manjita Tutor: Hello Manjita, good to see you, how can I help you today? Me:hey thank you so much I had a very very simple question
Willie so I basically want to understand that how do I express the word happy
because if I’m really happy I use the word happy a lot in my sentences so what
are the different words which I can use to express my happiness Tutor: well you can say, you’re glad, elated, excited or my favorite… Ecstatic. Me: yeah that’s nice that’s nice thank you
so much so I got like a couple of interesting words and I like the word
ecstatic I think I’ll use that thanks Willie, Bye. Tutor: alright, bye. so you saw through Cambly
how I practice my English and how I can get different words from these tutors
you can use it for different other ways as well there is a surprise for you but
that will come towards the end well let me explain the word which the tutor just
said right now ecstatic that’s a second word ecstatic it’s an
adjective and as you know it can be expressed when you want to mention
happiness or overjoyed or a feeling of blissfulness if you want to mention
something like that time and again and you’re looking for interesting word that
is ecstatic like you can use I was ecstatic when I won a free trip to
Netherlands. let’s quickly jump on to our third word the word is profound profound
it’s an adjective and it basically means overpowering overwhelming something or
some experience which has left a great impact on you so you would say profound
you can say something like well my father’s profound words made me really
think about my future so now you understand how to use the word profound. let’s move on to the next word the word is embark embark. Well you can use this …when you want to explain something which is about beginning anew starting
something afresh you know… to start you can say embark it is a word and you can
say something like I had plans to embark on a new career well so you understood
how to use the word embark right let’s move on to our last word and the power
packed last word is constitute constitute it’s a verb
it basically means forms to be a part of something which is a whole consists
contains constitute so well you can say that this particular thing constituted
around 10% of the population so you understood how to use the word
constitute it means contains well thank you so much and the surprise is that
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