hey guys welcome back so today we are
doing a very popular series yes the five important words to use in IELTS in
order to score high marks and boost your vocabulary in English. that’s right
before we move ahead… did you see the important words which
contains silent letters which we often mispronounce. I had done this video
last time. the link is above, do have a look at it after this episode. Well, I use
this app called Cambly to practice my English and learn
new words. It has native English speaking tutors and you can speak to them any
time of the day or book a lesson. let me quickly show you how easy it is to use
hey guys so you see right here as the Cambly app I click onto this app and it opens
into a screen which has home, tutors and topics so I click on tutors and
these are the tutors which I can choose from and let’s say I will choose Paul…
and practice English. Hey Paul hi this is Manjita. Tutor – Hey how you doing? Manjita – I’m good Paul.
Paul can you help me with the meaning of the word invigorate. Paul – Yes, of course I can. Invigorate means to be energized, ready to go, full of action and basically not sitting around doing nothing…. Manjita- I was invigorated
after I played in the open air is that correct? Paul – Yes, that is correct because you’ve used the word in the right context and also you’ve used it in the right tense as well because you said invigorated as it was in the past. that’s very good. Manjita – thank you Paul
that was amazing. so wasn’t that easy enough. Cambly has a surprise for you my dear I will share that with you at the end of this episode now, let’s quickly jump on to our word number two Enthral… well it is a verb
and it basically means to charm to captivate to fascinate but you can use
it in sentences like this Rana had been so enthralled by the trek
that he had hardly noticed the bee sting out well let’s see another sentence
reality shows on television these days are definitely enthralling the younger
generation what do you think well let me know in the comment section let’s move
on to our word number three vicious…. it’s an adjective and it
basically means bubbly spirited full of life lively vibrant well you can use it
in sentences like she decided to change herself and become a vivacious and an
elegant person. he wanted to live in a country having a warm and vivacious
culture. so you got the meaning of Vivacious. let’s move on to our fourth
word Fantasize, it’s quite common I’m sure you would have heard it before. it is a verb it basically means to dream to indulge in a fantasy
imagine fantasize you can use it in sentences like Sheena often fantasized
about becoming a supermodel or do you fantasize about living the life of a
celebrity so what do you fantasize about let me know in the comment section let’s
move on to the last word of the day rapture rapture it’s a noun it basically
means extreme pleasure happiness or excitement. let’s see how can we use this word in a sentence Rama’s dad listened to his music with an expression of pure rapture on his face Debbie’s family and friends greeted her speech with rapture well that’s all my dear and now here’s the surprise for you from Cambly Cambly is kind enough to give us a 30% yes there’s 30 % discount if you use the Link below and book any of their monthly classes and if you book a three months
class then you get straight 40% off isn’t that amazing well you should use it and practice English. That’s all my dear give this video a thumbs up if you liked it you learnt new words and you
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