I studied abroad in Montevideo,
Uruguay, which is the capital city of Uruguay. I decided to go to Uruguay because first the
cost of going was similar to USI’s tuition, and it was the
safest country in South America and has the highest
standard of living, so I thought that, because of that, it’d be the
safest thing to do, but I’d still be getting outside of my
comfort zone. USI was really helpful in that fact that I had never even thought about leaving the country because with a
Spanish major it’s not required to leave. I think I missed most about Uruguay is the family that I lived with and just the
culture in general. Everything was really slowed down and there wasn’t a lot of pressure and
people are just accepting of everybody and there just wasn’t so much commotion and even the streets, you’d walk down the
street and everyone would wave. It was just, you really feel like you were at
home anywhere you went. Everyone needs to study abroad if
they’re going to be a Spanish major or any foreign language
for that matter. Now that I’m ready to graduate I feel confident enough to communicate
with people with reading skills, everyday Spanish, so
I really feel that going to another country will build your
skills in ways that you can’t imagine and will help you a hundred times over
in wanting to find a job. It gives you that confidence that you
can compete with other people. I’d really like to go back to South America. I would
like to travel more to Chile and southern Argentina and I would like to travel to Brazil
even though it’s not a Spanish-speaking country. I still think it’d be fun to go more
towards the Amazon. I’d like to go back to Buenos Aires in
Argentina because it’s kind of like a U.S. city outside of
the U.S. Advice that I’d give to someone that’s planning abroad
is just to do it. You have to go headfirst. Whenever I went I was really
nervous. I didn’t think I could do it. I’m probably the last person I’d ever expected
to go abroad. But once you do it it’s about getting out of that comfort zone
and I think you learn so much from just experiencing what you can do because a
lot of people don’t expect what they’re capable of once you’re put in that new
situation, you learn a lot about yourself.