What is Degree Works? Degree Works is CUNY’s online degree audit
tool for tracking progress toward degree completion. Faculty use it to monitor how you are doing
in class, advisors use it to guide your course selection, and the registrar uses it to certify
you for graduation. You can use it too—and you should!—to
see which courses you have taken, the requirements that you still need, and your overall degree
progress. To access Degree Works, ask your advisement
office or visit the Student Services section of your college’s website. Degree Works has some tools that
can help you navigate CUNY’s curriculum requirements and plan your courses. The What-if feature allows you to see how
the courses you’ve already taken count toward different majors and/or minors. The Look Ahead feature lets you to view how
courses that you select would fulfill your degree requirements. The Educational Planner feature helps you
and your advisor plan your academic career course by course, semester by semester. The GPA calculator is a great resource for
setting personal academic goals. Do you want to know what grades you will need to
graduate with a certain GPA? Use the Graduation Calculator to help you understand
the grades you need, based on your current GPA, credits remaining, and credits required. How is your semester going so far? Use the Term Calculator to find out the GPA
you can expect for the semester, by submitting the course name, credit amount, and the expected
grade for each enrolled course. How can I raise my GPA? The Advice Calculator provides you with advice
on the specific amount of grades required to earn a desired GPA. I’ve logged into Degree Works and I see what
I need this semester. Am I all set to register for courses? Not quite! Degree Works is one resource for exploring
options and understanding your progress, but you should also talk to your advisor or visit
your college’s advising office for additional guidance and support. Make informed choices about your curriculum
using ALL of the resources available to you. Take charge of your CUNY education!