My name is Emalie McMahon My name is Tyler Hounshell My name is Emma Zijlstra I studied in Geneva, Switzerland at the University of Geneva I was working in a cognitive and effective neuroscience lab researching the effects of stress hormones on memory. We did research with functional magnetic resonance imaging, which allowed us to see which areas of the brain were active. I researched in the city of Brussels. My research field is in the economics of climate change. The larger project that my individual part was a part of is called “Effective and Stable International Climate Accords.” I researched in Geneva, Switzerland. My lab was called “The Role and Clinical Interest of Membrane GRP78 in Ovarian Cancer.” We knew that this membrane was involved in the proliferation of ovarian cancer cells But we didn’t really know how or why or what it was doing. Other students should apply to the EuroScholars program if they have a very specific research field or interest or if you really just want to make friends. If you’re really driven towards academics, this is a perfect program for you. You’re given a full-time research position. You can take electives and really focus on your language if you want to. I was really lucky to get involved in a lab that had a lot of funding and a lot of active research going on and I wouldn’t have had the same opportunity at the University of Tennessee.