I came to UTS because I realised the university
was spending a lot of money on resources and infrastructure. Skills I’ve learnt that helped
me find work were communication skills, having group assignments, research skills, as well
as time management. I work as a marketing coordinator in a company
called Horticulture Australia Limited, and I coordinate seven different marketing managers,
and if I didn’t have those skills, it would almost [be] impossible to actually provide
for me team. Support services that I used was the UTS HELPS,
which assist you with your assignments, and as well as the U: PASS classes, which assists
you with the doubts that you’re having throughout the semester.
The thing that I enjoy the most about living in Sydney is the fact that I live on the beaches,
so I get to wake up and go for a quick dip in the morning and then go to work or either
uni. The things that I enjoy the most at UTS were
the convenience of the university, which is a centralised location, and it’s close to
the CBD, and tourist points like Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.