Study Abroad is a really amazing
opportunity for people to learn about new cultures and have new experiences
that they wouldn’t have in their home country. UVA in Valencia’s program is very great for the students because we have the center
here and it kind of creates this unique opportunity for students to be able to
experience studying and living in Spain while having the familiarity of UVA as
well. It’s definitely been unique taking classes
here. I’m gaining these tools of communication, of understanding of the
Spanish language, and then when I leave the classroom it’s not just that Spanish
leaves my minds and I move on to the next subject. It’s that my Spanish comes
with me, it carries with me outside of the University of Virginia Center and I
use it in a real-world setting every day. We see a quick change because they’re put
into a setting where they have to use the target language and it’s really
great to see how fast students move and how fast students develop in the
language. Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and it is a really big
metropolis, so students have the opportunity to experience a large city. Being in Valencia has been so incredible not just because of the city itself but
because it has given us a chance to see other parts of Spain as well. We went to
Madrid where we saw the Royal Palace and the Real Madrid Stadium. And in Barcelona,
we got to see the Sagrada Família which is this enormous Cathedral designed by
Gaudi. Everyone knows that there’s this great
big world full of about eight billion people but it’s easy to get caught up in
your work and just the things around Grounds but once you actually go out and
you experience this world, the memories and the life lessons that you take you
can’t forget.