P- 1 VO TRACK Beau Solomon lives for sports – always has. 1 SOTW1 43 He’s a huge athlete. 2 VO TRACK He loves football and golfing – and he’s an avid Wisconsin sports fan. 2 SOTW3 42 He’s a badger through and through – he’s an amazing kid – ummm 3 VO TRACK Maybe that explains Beau’s perserverence – in the face of any obstacle. Because – Beau is tough – always has been. 3 SOTW5 42 Beau’s overcome a lot in his life – as a child he suffered from a rare form of cancer – he had bouts of chemo and multiple therapies …and he overcame all of that. 4 VO TRACK A smart kid, too – Beau will be a sophomore at UW this fall. 4 SOTW7 43 When he grows up he wants to be a politician – he’s part of the young repub club – tears 1 VO TRACK Thursday – he arrived in Italy for a Study Abroad trip. Out with friends that first night, at an espresso bar – Beau never came back to residence. 1 SOTW9 43 He’s tough – he’s strong – and he’s got a big heart. 2 VO TRACK Beau’s family is sharing his picture – his story – his spirit – in hopes that someone can help. 2 SOTW11 42 3 VO TRACK We all know Beau is tough – on the field – on the greens – 3 SOTW13 42 As soon as he’s back we’ll give him every put and make sure he wins…. 4 VO TRACK – And, in life. And once he’s home – he’ll show us that perserverence – once again. 4 SOTW15 43 I think we’re just gonna be so happy to see him – and know he’s ok.