(Music under) Hello and Betsy Morgan and I’m serving
as your Provost at UW-La Crosse. We are delighted to have you here and we
welcome you to be part of our UWL Family. We know that your education will
help prepare you for your future career, but along the way we hope to make
lifelong friendships. music bridge UWL has a long and proud tradition of
our international students making contributions to the global community.
Personally, I have found that working with students like yourself – enhances educational experiences for everyone involved. My background of teaching and traveling
overseas has helped me expand my own global perspectives. One of the most
rewarding experiences was becoming a host parent. We develop friendships with
our international students and with their families. This influenced both of my sons to study abroad when they were in college. I encourage you to take
advantage of the helpful staff and resources that are available throughout
our campus. Get involved, see the great things the University in
the community have to offer. I know you’ll enjoy being part of the UWL
family. I look forward to meeting you soon! Music fades.