The Office of International Education is
a wonderful place that offers students support about a study abroad experience. This is basically a resource center for international students and study abroad
students alike. We make it possible for students to study abroad. It doesn’t
depend on your financial situation or it doesn’t depend on your major. You can
study abroad in any major. Our study abroad program is one of our great
experiential learning opportunities where students can go abroad with a
faculty member. They can go abroad themselves. We have internship programs
that they can take abroad. There’s so many great opportunities and it really
is a lot more approachable and affordable than you think. We offer programs all over the world. I think studying abroad definitely opens up
people’s mind to the different cultures and being aware of those cultures when
you come back to campus here at UWSP. I never thought of careers outside of
the United States until doing that academic program abroad and opening doors, and
already having offers to be invited to work for organizations abroad. We see a
lot of students learn about themselves. Learn that unity is in diversity and seeing not only the world and different cultures but seeing your own culture through
different lenses. I would recommend not being afraid to
try different things. Students have basically the whole world
to explore. All of our students who studied abroad would encourage you personally to go and explore not only the world but yourself, because you learn
a lot about yourself by studying abroad.