so the staff here is incredibly
accommodating they seriously want us to just completely focus on school they
want us to completely focus on class not work or anything so they’ve made
everything almost as easy for us as they absolutely can they kind of go through
how all the courses are laid out they give us a schedule ahead of time of when
our class meetings are so that we can you know plan accordingly another
resource that we have in the MBA program is the fact that we have meals there’s
snacks and then there’s your regular breakfast lunch and dinner meals that
are available to you even for other things like I needed like a graduation
letter for my family that was coming from overseas and they help me out
pretty much over a weekend just to have it immediately available for me and they
have laid the red carpet down for us to attend so that the only thing on our
mind is school the Career Management Center it’s a service provided to all
the students to help them succeed they will talk to you if you have any
concerns about future career paths or what you could do to succeed in the
business world presentations about your professional career your resumes your
cover letter every single detail that you may want to
discuss or that you may be curious about how to do it they will talk to you about
it and they will help you with that