Lily, what seems to be the issue? There’s this guy who came on I don’t think his tickets are for this carriage or for the seats next to us then he sat next to Mike and then… Smelt good His had some weird smells on him and had bad breath quite hard to bear The reason I’m laughing is because I can smell it from across the table so Mike, being right next to him… What’s up y’all, I’m Mike We’re now in Venice on our way to the main island the train is crossing the sea bridge quite the nice scenery that’s Venice right there Take a look at Venice or do you want to look at your phone? I’m trying to sort out our check in you mug Now we have arrived in Venice this is the view coming out the train station Lily, thoughts? Even though you’ve been here before Why do you look so thrilled? It’s pretty This is my 3rd time in Venice Impressive OK let’s go catch a boat Let’s go Here’s our AirBnb in Venice Let’s try the key goin up west west Hello come on through Cute there’s a small kitchen here bathroom out the window Wow, look at that Mike Just a pizza, all good This is cool, 8 euro pasta We’re now at a cheap eats pasta joint 8 euro pastas with a wide selection A bit like fast food pasta speedy service Yeah, reviews are quite good Looks good Let’s eat, bon appetit Now I got a seafood… …pasta Let’s check it out How much was it? 7 euros Is it too black? So black, it looks scary So black Why did you order this? It’s one of Venice’s specialty OK eat it then This shop has better pasta My mouth is black This is just the first bite.. Yummy Now you’ve finished it, give us a smile I’m struggling to smile I shouldn’t of ordered this This pasta is so black Let me see my mouth The thing is it’s oily a tad oily Lily can not. Buy me a bottle of water man Alright will do Lily, will do It looks like it wasn’t that ideal I don’t want to talk to you, why didn’t you stop me I tried It wasn’t a pleasant meal Now Lily’s about to share with us her first Venchi experience What it do? Strawberry taste good Who recommended it? You recommended the flavor Thank you Tasty I’m gona try the bottom one now OK try out the pear flavor Not too bad Bon appetit Night time San Marco square, and Lily in selfie mode We’re in Venice an amazing place People’s destiny is wonderful in many ways I can’t believe I can bump into Mike and his wife What a coincidence This isn’t just a coincidence, it must be God’s will True that How many times in our life time, This meeting in Venice may well be the only time in our lives Indeed In the passage of history, this intersection may be the only one in our lives therefore, me and Mike and his wife is fated! Yes So we get to meet here The others in our group at the time don’t get this opportunity No fate! 6 years ago, he was just an economics student at Victoria University At the time he even had a scruffle at the train station with someone, over an iPod Touch However, fast forward a few years after graduation he is now established and has a beautiful wife such a surprise and very outstanding The pleasure is mine sir Let’s bring it in Venice is now flooded we’re all wearing our souvenirs 8 euros a pop okay Lily, thoughts on this one? This one’s nice, it’s my favorite one This pasta is special, it’s quite chewy it’s like eating gnocchi Yeah, and it’s only 6 euros Yes What prompted you to go for this type of pasta was it inspired by my order? Yeah, I thought I’d try something new It’s quite special, there are many different shapes of pasta This eatery is good Okay Only cost 120 euros… A hidden treasure in an alley way called Suso Apparently quite famous in Venice I got the mango flavor and Mike got… chocolate and raspberry you got mango right? Okay Tastes surperb This is a recommendation from our tour guide she said it’s one of the best in Italy I haven’t tried mine yet I’ll try it now This is our restaurant for dinner Again, hidden away in an alley way Check out this soup Tell us what’s in it An abundance of seafood Not bad I got calamari Calamari This tastes fresh delicious not rotten? Nah, fresh I mean some calamari in NZ is frozen get some lemon on it I feel like eating light tonight so I got a salad Not sure what it’s called in Chinese You like? Not bad