VinUni University Hello and welcome to the video of Land Do Thi. To re-appointment, today Land DoThi will continue to update you the progress of the Vinhome Ocean Park project . Every time we come here, we are surprised by the speed of the project. Especially, in the past few days, we still have 08-day Lunar New Year holiday, after Tet, the outbreak of Corna broke out but the construction atmosphere on the construction site of Vinhome Ocean Park is still exciting, progress. degree of the investor. In the mid-January 2020 days, Vinuni University also officially opened. Right from the beginning, Vinuni University has been oriented to become a world-class university. Vingroup Group is too confident with this aspiration or not when it is just a new step in the field of higher education, in the context of many large universities in Vietnam still timid to submit applications for registration of rankings by Worldly prestigious organization ? Please join us in this video to learn. Currently, the area of Sapphire 1 & 2: Completed and is completing construction of the apartment. Because apartments Vinhomes Ocean Park has 3 standards of handing over apartments: Minimum furniture, basic furniture, interior wall. So the project investor is finishing the interior, and handing over the minimum interior apartments so that residents can decorate themselves, Sapphire 3 subdivision: Under construction to May 28-29 . Sapphire 4 subdivision: Under construction to the middle floor. Ngoc Trai Lake 24.5ha and Sea saltwater lake 6.1ha: Completed and open to customers to visit. VinUni University: Completed and opened in mid-January 2020. BBQ Park, Gym park along the lake: Being completed and ready to open for visitors. Low-rise villa area: Villas in corals, pearls, starfish are under speed construction. Vincom Megamall Shopping Center: Being completed to prepare for opening. Vinfast headquarters building is also under construction urgently. As we said above, in the middle of January 2020, Vinuni University officially opened. The academic year 2020 – 2021 is also the first course of this university. But until now, there are certainly many opinions of the question that Vingroup sets the goal of an international standard university as too risky for Vinuni when Vingroup is in the field of higher education. wet feet wet feet step in? In this video, let’s try to find out. The inauguration ceremony of VinUni University took place on January 15, after nearly 2 years of construction, starting the journey to realize the aspiration of appearing on the map of world-class universities. Nearly two years ago, Vingroup signed a strategic cooperation agreement with two Ivy League universities and in the top 20 best universities in the world. These are Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), USA. In which, Cornell helps VinUni to shape the strategy, brand positioning and build the overall university governance system; at the same time appraising facilities, recruiting personnel, designing educational programs and researching cooperation for VinUni. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania’s leading practice hospital system will support VinUni to recruit and develop faculty, enrollment, training and career development capacity for health science students. This makes many people wonder that VinUni is relying on the reputation of partner schools, but not really active on the direction to solve the quality problem. But in fact , a leader of the Vingroup Group said Vingroup has determined very specific steps to realize its “world-class” dream. In an article, Dr. Le Mai Lan – Vice President of Vingroup, Chairman of VinUni University project – said : “We have a solid basis and clear roadmap to not only become the elite University, but also have to go further into the top 50 leading universities in the world. The cooperation with the top 20 universities in the world will help us accelerate academic quality and achieve accreditation. ” The quality of VinUni’s training programs is verified by Professor Cornell and Penn. In addition, the teaching and administration personnel are also supported by the two schools, in which the source lecturers must be trained at Cornell and Penn. In the immediate future, Cornell has agreed to let Professor Rohit Verma, the director of foreign affairs of Cornell SC Johnson Business School, become the principal of VinUni. In addition to the principal, leading professors, program directors of some key subjects were also sent to work at VinUni by these two schools. In addition to tracking access to educational technology, system simulation equipment, chain laboratories the most advanced, our students will learn directly with the Professor famous two partner schools in some sports . In addition, students have at least 1 semester of study and experience in foreign schools according to the list advised by Cornell and Penn. To realize the dream of a world-class school, VinUni is invested 6,500 billion VND. . Of which, VND 3,500 billion is spent on infrastructure construction and VND 3,000 billion is devoted to providing scholarships for talents, financial support for students as well as operating losses for the first 10 years. The entire campus of this university has a total area of 23ha. In addition to the modern infrastructure for teaching and learning, VinUni has an international-standard dormitory with all kinds of individual rooms, family rooms, rooms for students with young children. The childcare services, services for people with disabilities … are well invested. However, the cost of training in VinUni is considered too high compared to the common ground of foreign universities in Vietnam. In this regard, Dr. Le Mai Lan made a comparison: the average tuition of Cornell and Penn in recent years is 55,188 USD / year and 55,584 USD / year respectively. If you add up the cost of accommodation, travel, insurance, learning materials …, to graduate the elite American schools, each student must pay 66,000-75,000 USD a year (equivalent to 1.5-1 , 7 billion). With the above figure, according to VinUni University project representative, the average cost of 35,000 USD for all training fields at this school is reasonable. Meanwhile, VinUni also offers many scholarships for excellent students without any conditions on workplace after graduation. Thus, Vingroup’s orientation to Vinuni University to become an international-level university is not too confident or ambitious as the group itself has created firm steps for Vinuni University to be able to develop and reach the world. Hopefully, the first intake of this university will be successful. The video of Land Do Thi please end here. Don’t forget to Subscribe to the channel to continue accompanying Land Do Thi in the next videos Thank you.