Welcome. This a tamil version. Link for English Version is in the description below this video. Thanks for all the support and encouragement through comments. It takes a ton of effort to collate and fact check the data. So always feels nice to be appreciated for the effort with subscription and comment. Today we are going to look at work visas. Lot of people get duped by fake offers and people asking money for visa. Also lot of people had asked about it. I will explain how i came to UK first so you get an understanding. In 2002 there was a immigration visa called HSMP or Tier 1 which was a points based Work Visa for people outside EU like India. You will get points based on your qualifications like age, degree, salary, years of experience. You will get between 10 to 30 points for every qualification and once you meet minimum points you will automatically qualify for the scheme. This was originally called Highly Skilled Migrant Programme which was later changed to Tier 1 General. Advantage in this program was that you need a company to sponsor. You can take your own visa. I came through that option. I didn’t take any help from any organization or agent. I filed my own application after reading about it and got my visa. One advantage of Tier 1 was that after staying in Tier 1 for 5 years in UK, you get ILR (Indefinte Leave to Remain) and after that you will get citizenship in a year. It was open from 2002 to 2011. In April 2011 it was closed. For the past 8 years it has remain closed. There is no visibility whether this will be opened again for now. I have followed these changes closely and this video is based on that. This is based on current scenario. If you watch this after a few months or years please check for any updates or changes. Since Tier1 General is closed lets see what other options are open. If someone is working in an Indian company and they send them to UK on deputation they come through Tier 2 – ICT (Intra Company Transfer) People coming through Tier 2 – ICT through those indian companies were getting ILR after 5 years and citizenship after a year till 2010. In 2010 that was also closed off. Now If people come on Tier 2 – ICT , they can stay for a maximum of 5 years. After 5 years they have to go back and stay in India or outside UK for a cooling off period of 12 months before coming back. They can’t stay in UK permanantly now after the change. Let us see what other options are open. Broadly there are 3 categories. First Category Students who have come from India to UK, 2nd Tier 2 ICT, 3rd working in India and no options in your company to send onsite to UK. Students coming to UK come on a Tier4 visa. We will look at Tier 4 visa and Student fees options in a separate video. After you finish studies in Tier 4 visa you can’t continue to work. So what options do you have? There are 3 options. First is Tier 2 General. You get interviewed and selected in a company after completing studies. That company can sponsor Tier 2 General visa. You can work only with that company. You are dependant on that company to work in UK. After 5 years in Tier 2 General you can get the ILR and citizenship after a year. That is the main option for a Student finishing studies in UK on Tier 4 visa. This is work sponsorship in general. There are no other options for undergraduate students. However if you are a PHD student there is a 12 month extension available called Tier 4 Doctorate Extension Scheme that allows 12 months to find a Tier 2 Sponsor company. For others who haven’t found a job or not done pHD, the 3rd option is Tier 1 Graduate Enterpreunership Scheme. If you have a business plan or proposal you can get it approved by one of the 2 Bodies in UK DIT or HEI (See in picture) If either of those bodies approve your proposal or plan as feasible, then you can get the Tier 1 Graduate Enterpreunership scheme and you can open a business take over an existing business or shop and run it. After 5 years in this visa, you can again get an ILR and citizenship after a year of getting ILR. These are the 3 options. How to get a job for Tier 2 General Sponsorship as a Tier 4 student we will see in another video as it’s an exhaustive topic. Now the 2nd category of people who have come on Tier 2 – ICT through an Indian Company’s onsite position. Like I said earlier the settlement option is not available and so you have to go back after 5 years. However if a company likes you and offers you a job you can switch from Tier 2 ICT to Tier 2 General. But in most cases you need to serve a cooling off period and this may be up to 12 months outside UK. Another faster option for married couple is that the dependent spouse can work in UK and if they get a Sponsor who gives them a Tier 2 General, then the Tier 2 ICT candidate can switch to a dependent visa and continue to work in UK. That way you don’t need to go back to India or serve the cooling off period. Both options Tier 2 ICT candidate can get a sponsor or the dependent spouse can get a sponsor. The list of companies that hold an active Tier General Sponsorship License is published every week by Home Office. You can see the link in description. Even if the company doesn’t exist in that list but are a good company that you trust that is willing to apply for a sponsorship license for you, then it’s fine. The other option for Tier 2 ICT is Tier 1 Exceptional talent after the Tier 1 General was closed. Till last year there were 1000 visas being given to people in UK for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent. You need to prove that you are an exceptional resource in your field of work. So you will generally need 2 endorsing letters from experts in that field or high ranking people from your company or client. From this year they have increased it to 2000 visas per year. Not many people know about this option or have clarity on this option. If you have over 10 years experience in a field and you feel you are an exceptional talent you can definitely go for this. The third category is people who haven’t come to UK and working in India and are looking to come to UK. This is a tough category. If you see in the previous 2 categories students already in UK and Tier 2 ICT workers already in UK who are already in UK and have a better chance of getting a job. But many of them struggle to get a Tier 2 General sponsor or job even with 15-20 years of experience and have gone back. So when you consider that people who have worked in UK or studied in UK for a few years do not get a job , then you need to be cautious when being approached for a job in UK. If you are really having valid and exceptional experience in UK , then you might genuinely get a job offer and visa sponsorship. If you have less work experience and someone asks you to give money and say they will sponsor visa for you, be really careful of it. The list of companies that have a valid sponsorship license for tier 2 is published and updated every week by home office. Please research and look up any company that tells you they will sponsor or give visa for you. In my upcoming videos I will post a video on tips about how to search for a work in UK after finishing Graduate or Post Graduate course on Tier 4. If you have any further questions, please post your questions in the comments section and I will try and answer it as best as I can. Making these videos while managing full time office work takes a lot of planning and effort. Show your support by subscribing and posting a comment if you liked the effort.