Hello, my name is Peter. Today, I’m gonna talk about popular topic that everyone very concerned about. STUDYING ABROAD So as you know that there are many reasons why international studentswant to study abroad Like me, I’m from Vietnam. My dream is to study in Singapore but they have some problem that you have to concern about Consider carefully before decided to study abroad is the important decision that you’ve ever made in life like.. it’s an important orientation so my major is to study medicine at the university. Actually, I didn’t plan to study in Singapore because like.. at the beginning, I want to study at United States I think… may be the security at that time they have situation.. bad situation about crimes in United States so I decided to move or change my study destination to Singapore I love Singapore because like.. people are very friendly.. YES. Everything was so wonderful maybe like… I have never been there.. I have… like… my uncle… live there for many years maybe I was scared.. kind of embarassed like.. I am not at many aspects so… Chemistry or Maths, Physics, Literature… not very excellent about… I don’t want to study abroad because… like it’s a big embarassment ever! .. but NEVERMIND! I remembered the event that I recorded my video about speaking test to the program about.. like… English Speaking Contest like 8IELTS Accidentally, my uncle watched it and he thinks that I’m a potential student so It’s very fun, right? :))