Before this video, I intend to make a video on NCKU birthday. And that’s all I had… Hi all, today is Election Day Why do you keep the American flag on Election Day? because this is a democratic country We can vote for every country we like Hey everyone, let’s come here Waving your flag And the result is… Hi everyone, Nuti’s here I did not get my scholarship though it’s on the middle of November now So today I’d like to talk about a topic which is popularly cared That is cost of studying in Taiwan COST OF STUDYING IN TAIWAN In term of cost of studying in Taiwan I will divide into 5 groups Course fee, accommodation, food, transportation and other essential spends when you first move here I will list use NTD 1 NTD=780 VND please exchange by yourself Course fee The 1st thing is course fee I think Taiwan is one of the cheapest countries to study abroad Compared to Vietnam, it has no much difference I’m currently getting NCKU scholarship which covers tuition fee and monthly spend However, if you don’t get scholarship it depends on universities and departments It’s about NTD 30,000 – 40,000 per semester exchanging to Vietnam dong… VND 30,000 no, VND 30 millions compared with UK, US, Aus or Singapore it’s really cheap, right? Apart from your main course If you want to learn Chinese you have to pay a bit Thank to NCKU scholarship now I’m get 02 free Chinese courses If you want to learn more you can register every semester A semester has 03 months which is around NTD 28,000 – 30,000 Accommodation fee the 2nd point which is important too is accommodation fee When I first moved here alone I chose to live in dormitory NCKU dormitory has 02 types General dormitory and Prince Dorm Prince Dorm is more luxury so it costs NTD 4,000 – 6,000 per month depending on single room or double room Now I’m living in general dormitory I pay NTD 11,890 per semester about VND 2 millions per month If you want to cook or be more freedom you can live outside A room costs NTD 3,000 – 4,000 per month Food cost Because I live in Tainan city it’s is cheaper than other cities normally you spend NTD 70 – 100 for a good meal in total you spend around NTD 6,000 – 7,000 per months without milk tea You are easily tempted by milk tea Because milk tea is very popular in Taiwan Every 5 – 10 meters of the road, you can see a milk tea store Taiwan milk tea is really cheap how to say, really really cheap and delicious In Vietnam a glass of milk tea costs VND 60,000 – 70,000 but in Taiwan it’s only NTD 30 – 50 that means with VND 20,000 – 40,000 you can have a cup of milk tea which is not only flavor but also very big so entice! Transportation In other cities, you have to pay for MRT or bus every month because I live in Tainan all I have to pay is NTD 1,200 – 1,500 for a bike that’s all If you want to be more convenient or drive faster you can apply driving license here and buy a second-handed scooter so that you can go to everywhere Because I’m not good at driving and my dormitory is not too far from the class I prefer walking or riding Other spends last but not least is other important fee which you spent in the 1st moment you moved here it costs a lot, you cannot imagine though I already prepared at home I cannot remember how much I spent in the 1st month The 1st spend is ARC you have to apply and pay NTD 1,000 another one is health check fee I paid NTD 850 at my university the 3rd is sim card Because I have student card I pay only for 4 Gb or you can choose unlimited data if you want which costs NTD 288 NTD per month Besides, you should spend for other basic things such as matress, hair dryer or lamp,… In Vietnam we use 220W electronic devices but in Taiwan, they use 110W electronic devices don’t bring any electronic devices because it cannot be used here As my personal experiments you should bring as many stuffs as you can because you do not only know the price but also many kinds you can be confused when shopping for example: toletries hair shampoo, conditioner, bath shampoo, or washing powder and fabric softener even I cannot distinguish washing powder and fabric softener So let’s bring as much as you can and another thing is really necessary I never use it in Vietnam but now it becomes my close friend that is instant noodle!!! Taiwan instant noodle has different flavor which is not familiar with me At midnight or in morning I’m lazy to go out I mostly eat instant noodle As a consequence you can see on my face Anyway, you can eat instant noodle to save money but you should care about your health first These are basic spend when you study in Taiwan for your reference it can be adjusted to areas and personal needs Hopefully you can take a reference from my video and have a better preparation for your future study plan Do you want me to share experiments of applying scholarship? If yes, let’s click thumb up button and subscribe my channel! Bye bye!!